The pharmacological mechanism by which this chemical compound works on the body is similar to that of LSD and mescaline. 2C-B attaches itself to the serotonin receptors and changes the way in which impressions are processed in the brain. It is still unknown how exactly this takes place, and why such powerful changes in perception are possible.

Risks and dangers
As with all other psychedelics the largest danger this drug presents is the possible triggering of a latent psychosis. As no one can know for sure whether or not this is the case, the use of this drug should be avoided. This is especially the case for those who have suffered psychological disorders, or those who know to have such disorders running in their families.
Especially with a high dose, there is the risk of an unpleasant stimuli overdose, and mental overwhelming, which can result in a so called horror trip. For this reason high dosages are completely inappropriate in a party setting. The effects on the heart and circulatory system are mild compared to amphetamine and MDMA.
So far nothing is know about neurological damage resulting from its use. 2C-B is not a well researched substance, and therefore it is hard to find reliable information regarding its (side)-effects.

Legal status:
In March of 2001 2C-B was added to the schedule II of the UNO convention on psychotropic substances and as a result is illegal worldwide.
„I was on my way back to the floor when suddenly the essence of the room shifted. It became filled with energy streams which showed themselves to me as ethereal masses of revolving energy. The whole room pulsated with shining colours.’
This is a small section of a 2C-B experience report. It is no surprise that this substance is now increasingly being found in our party culture.

When taken orally its effects set after 45-75 minutes, and last for 4 to 6 hours. Consumers describe it as similar to LSD with an additional MDMA component. Higher doses result in a very peculiar body sensation which can not be compared to any other psychedelic drug, and is therefore also found unpleasant by some users. People under its influence also often feel stimulated and excited, which is why 2C-B has been said to have aphrodisiac effects.

In lower dosages (8-12 mg) there may be very few or no visual effects. Usually a mild and clear euphoria can set in, which most consumers describe as more sensuous while at the same time not feeling so ‘wasted’.
With an average dose (13-20 mg) hallucinations and perception changes take place. Music sounds both more intense and atmospheric, and seems to fill the room. Mild optical hallucinations start at 12 mg, however even small increases of this dose can result in disproportionately stronger hallucinations which can be clearly more intense than that of a medium sized LSD dose.

It is exactly this feature that many consumers appreciate, as one can still retain a relatively clear head while still having a ‘trip’ with strong hallucinations.
Doses beyond 20 mg are considered as strong and changes in the perception of time and space are possible, which might result in the loss of one’s own identity or perception of reality (oceanic boundlessness). Although in some cases this may surely be an amazing experience, this is also the text book definition of a psychosis.

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