The cultivation of magic mushrooms and psychedelic cacti like peyote or San Pedro is now entirely legal in Czech Republic. As approved by the cabinet on 28th November, they will be removed from the ‘black list’ of drugs.

As a matter of fact, the very liberal drug laws introduced in January 2010 already did allow the cultivation of mushrooms and cacti, but only a limited amount. This regulation is now obsolete.

The new amendments also effect the cultivation of marihuana. In contrast to the case of mushrooms and cacti, the legal amount has been restricted due to a new way of calculating the potency of a plant. Previously, the limiting value was determined by measuring the THC content in the entire plant. Now it is determined by explicitly measuring the THC content in the flowers, where the agent is concentrated. Anyway, despite the slightly stricter limits, the cultivation of marihuana remains legal in the Czech Republic.

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