Lately Russell Brand has been making some minor headlines by addressing a number of controversial subjects, that most celebs wouldn’t dare touch, even with a really long imaginary glow-stick.

In this video Brand trashes an anti-marijuana experiment, which shows a marijuana virgin, name Jon Snow, take his first puff, all by himself in a dark isolated room. Snow goes on to experience symptoms of psychosis, which is received with great joy by the anti-marijuana league, who then cry, “Hurrah. We knew something was definitely wrong with marijuana, and Snow has proved it.”

Now this is bull, especially since Snow is put in an MRI machine when he is stoned! No wonder the poor guy felt like his soul had been robbed.

Brand seems to echo this sentiment, and does a pretty good dissection. He also goes on lambaste sugar…seems random, but there’s a connection.

It’s worth a watch:

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