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This year you can see some of the core artists from Bom Shanka Music play at Boom, Ozora and many other European festivals. They include the hugely talented DJ Nuky, with her super smooth technique and cultured track choice she always leaves the dance floor wanting more. As one half of Dirty Saffi (together with Al Psymmetrix) you can catch her playing throughout Europe this summer and expect their début album in October.

Illegal Machines is the wonderful French freak Fabien. With a totally natural way of making music and a brilliant set of ears, he is Bom Shanka’s production genius. Blast on the dance floor as he plays this year at Boom and watch out for his collaborations with Parasense (as Illegal Sensations) or the Psymmetrix boys as Big Scary Monsters.

„No More Milking It’ is the 3rd album from Psymmetrix. Always pushing the boundaries and making exceptionally original music, Al & Richie have been honing their studio and live performance skills, writing killer tracks together for the last 8 years. You can see them play as Psymmetrix and also rock out to their individual live sets (Asimilon & Dirty Saffi) at this years Ozora.

For the rest of this year keep your ears peeled for Digital EP releases on Bom Shanka from Chris Rich, Module Virus, Asimilon, Illegal Sensations and Big Scary Monsters, plus a new compilation from DJ Glenn Logic called „Fat Lines’, and of course „Beauty & The Bitch’ from Dirty Saffi. For more details check out…

dj nuky on facebook

Mit 10 CD-Veröffentlichungen konnte sich Bom Shanka seit 2007 einen Namen unter den innovativen Psytrance Labels unserer Zeit machen. Viele der labeleigenen Künstler sind diesen Sommer auf den europäischen Festivals zu hören, etwa der Boom oder der Ozora.

So etwa die talentierte DJ Nuky. Zusammen mit Al Psymmetrix hat sie das Project Dirty Saffi, ein Debütalbum steht für Oktober an. Illegal Machines ist ein weiterer Vorzeige-Künstler des Labels, beliebt wegen seines natürlichen Sounds. Zusammen mit Parasense betreibt er Illegal Sensations, mit Psymmetrix die Big Scary Monsters.

Neben diversen digitalen EPs steht bei Bom Shanka demnächst das dritte Album von Psymmetrix auf dem Programm – weitere Infos auf der Homepage!

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