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Maharetta is a record label based in Spain. The idea for the record label was born during a festival in 2010. The ethos is to represent high quality Spanish Trance artists not getting opportunities to release abroad.

After a year and a half of researching the Spanish scene gathering the best from their country in terms of Psychedelic they started the record label seriously. Now they began making collaborations with different record labels and to sign new artists from all over the world.

The record label‘s style of Psytrance can be described as ‚heavily Psychedelic, groovy electronic music‘. They have just released EPs by ‚Yar Zaa‘ – who is co label manager – and ‚Ying Yang Monks‘ and will launch the first ‚VA Harmonic Spectrum‘ compiled by ‚Hypnoise – also co label managers – in July, more releases this year will follow.

The other artists are ‚Multiman‘, ‚Contineum‘, and ‚Emize‘ as live acts and DJs ‚Apnea‘, ‚Acidbox‘, ‚Chimbo‘, ‚Parra‘ and ‚Ludopsy‘.
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Maharetta Records ist noch ganz frisch, hat das Beste aus Spanien in Sachen ‚Mental Groove Psychedelic‘ im Gepäck und uns bereits mit EPs von ‚Yar Zaa‘ (Labelmanager) – sowie den ‚Ying Yang Monks‘ beglückt, eine erste Kompilation von Hypnoise (Labelmanager), ‚VA Harmonic Spectrum‘ kommt im Juli, weitere Veröffentlichungen werden rasch folgen.

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