Are you an Artist/DJ/Producer/Astronaut who would like to be interviewed by the Mushroom Magazine? If your answer is yes, then everybody, except the Astronaut, please read on.
This year the Mushroom is excited to introduce you to a brand new concept called the “Artist Interview.” All you have to do is spend a few minutes and fill out an online-form. Easy right? If still in doubt, remember this rule: “If it sounds simple, it must be simple!” This form contains a list of questions which once completed will convert into an “Artist Profile” on our website!

How many questions do you fill? As many or as little as you like, the choice is in your court. And if you are still not sure, and ask suspiciously, “What kind of questions?” Let me put your mind at ease. We simply wish to expose your deepest darkest secrets to the world…all of them. Not really, kidding. The idea is to let your fans/followers to get to know your personality. Sure they’ve seen you perform/heard your stuff, and all that jazz, but do they know YOU? Well, here’s your chance! You can share your likes/dislikes, hobbies, theories/mantras, through the interview. You can also link up your pages/websites, how amazing is that? Quite, I would say.

Follow the steps listed below to get started:
Simply register for an user account at
Go to
Click on “Self Service Editor” in the FREE Version column, and you’re in!
Please note: You can SAVE, the interview as a DRAFT, so the form will not publish, until you choose to publish it.
Don’t forget to share your interview through your social media channels. Have fun spilling all your beans to world!

If you have any Q’s, you can get in touch with me at:


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