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Mat Mushroom, initiating and main driving force behind mushroom magazine since 1994, started djing during the early days of Techno in the beginning of the 90‘s. He has been more than just a close witness to the development from vinyl to cd and now towards digital disc jockeying. For 5 years now he has been djing with TRAKTOR by Native Instruments, in order to grant his tracks an improved flow with the technological possibilities available nowadays.

A track with Mat is no single track any longer. Rather today it is being dissolved into its components, becomes a remix of its own. Mat was fed up with the long wait for the next transition to which dj‘s using cd‘s are damned. Instead he wanted to interfere with the sound: With loops, beatjump-leaps, effects and sample tracks. Thus it can seem to the dancers that they are listening to a remix although the track which is on has but shifted the bassline of the subsequent track, before setting free its complete energy.

Mat Mushroom‘s star sign is Libra and maybe because of that he will not let himself be stipulated on a core style but does mix Progressive with Psytrance and Full On, yet also at times Techno elements, anytime positive and pushing.

In May 2019 mushroom magazine celebrated its 25th anniversary – In July 2019 Mat Mushroom plays his last official DJ set on the Antaris Project, which also celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

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