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A small country in the Alps but among the 3 biggest Psytrance countries in Europe because of its many parties and festivals all around the nine provinces. F.L.O.W. and Spirit Base are the biggest festivals organized in Austria; the Winter Paradise and FLOW in the Snow the most popular places to go in the cold season.

What is the reason why Psytrance is so big in Austria? Festivals like Sonnenklang, Spirit Base, Paradise and Psytrance floors on the big EDM crossover summer festivals like Beatpatrol pushed all kinds of Psytrance in the last two decades. Another reason is the relatively strong consistency of organizers and the many parties also in the indoor season, not only in the bigger cities but also in the countryside from the mountains in the west to the plains at the Hungarian border. Numerous idealistic and very engaged tribes and an ever growing young crowd let the scene mushroom in the small towns, villages and valleys in this most central country in Europe.

Spirit Base & Psy Island

The Spirit Base Festival of Goran, Spohie and team celebrates the 15-year anniversary in June 2017. The 3-days event at a beautiful lake had been placed to Vyrovice in the Czech Republic some years ago, not far from the Austrian border, formerly located in two villages in Austria and recently in Rajka/Hungary. The new Czech location is also home of the Psy Island Festival in the beginning of September.


The by far biggest event in Austria is the F.L.O.W. Festival in July not far from Vienna. Thousands of people from all over Europe gather at the beautiful location in a former quarry with a fresh little stream to cool down in hot summer temperatures that can reach up to 40 degrees since climate change has progressed so much. The line-up at F.L.O.W. is as international and top as at the most famous festivals in Germany. The Lambda-Labs Soundsystem, the massive decoration concepts and the Avaloka Temple with ethno, tribal, organic-percussive sounds and healing workshops are widely renowned. Manuel and DJ Gobayashi also organise Earth Dance in Vienna and the Avaloka parties with outstanding performances from Tibetan monks to new and avantgardistic forms of music related to Psytrance. Unique and mindblowing is the Tibetan temple chillout at these events where also the rainbow family gathers and chants while the dancing crowds shake on the mainfloor. The Vienna based Visionary Art Acadamy accompanies these events with life paintings of psychedelic artists from around the world. The F.L.O.W. crew also organizes a huge event in winter – in a big tent with heating systems for thousands of people at the same location as the summer F.L.O.W. But they are also doing more and more F.L.O.W. in the city events in Vienna.

Paradise Winter

At the end of January you should not miss the annual Paradise Winter Festival in a huge stadium area in Vienna. The 2-days event is organized like a summer festival with international artists and dance crowds and market area.

Psytrance in Vienna

Vienna is the central Psy-city where most of the main party tribes live such as Soundlab Pirates, Together Trance Project, Psyperience, Orion, Progressive Selection, Euphoria, Crispy Chaos Crew, the Psychedelic Animals, Tripudium, Psyperience, Psychedelic Culture of MindTherapy – Goandi and Thomas – and many others. One of the longest event histories has Cosmic Space Disco for more than 10 years with outstanding pool parties in summer, the Sun&Moon in fall, and in cooperation with F.L.O.W. Festival they organize the huge Cosmic F.L.O.W. new years eve party. Regular events you’ll find also at the Danube Island at an Indian restaurant, called „Der Inder“. Weberknecht is a location in Vienna, where almost weekly events such as the Oldschool parties of Bassproduction take place. Also Flex Club and zeroGravity offers frequent events right at the Danube channel in Vienna. Vienna is also THE hub for burner gatherings – both indoor and outdoor such as the SPARK.

Music development

Music-wise the dark and hightech scene has become pretty strong in the last couple of years after having a rather more progressive dominance for ages. You’ll find lots of smaller hardcore events and special proggy lounges too. Bigger parties tend to play Full On Psy to proggy but mostly offer a Dark-Psy floor for the genuine Psy-punks.

Psytrance outside Vienna

Psybox is the place to go when you are in Tyrol province in the western city of Innsbruck. Also Otherland in Salzburg offers frequent events. Go to Space on and Optix Tribe in the southern city of Graz, and also in Carinthia near the Slovenian border is a lot of Psy-activity. Out there is no province without Psytrance. Also organized from Austria but located in the Czech Republic is DJ Horizons Funny Moon, a truly warm Psy-family place for the very committed Psy-crowds. For the many other events across the country watch out for Psytrance Austria on Facebook.

Austrian Artists

Austria is also home of many producers like Taliesin, Aioaska, Ianuaria. Materia and the 24/7 label, just to mention a few. The renowned Phoenix Firedancers crew and VJ master El Geko are still showing great performances. Anzucreations, Calaquendi, Mae& Moa, Psy-Pix, Darklines are among the most known deco teams. If you want to get in touch with the scene don’t miss to visit Aurin Spaceland Shop in the heart of Vienna.

Only in Austria
Austria has many unique events unlike any other country – from special parties in medieval castles, a Goa floor on Europe’s biggest free openair festival on the Danube Island with 3 million visitors in 3 days or the freaky and colorful LGBT Lifeball, an HIV charity, that turns Vienna into a party with lots of celebs coming and partying. Very famous is also the Water Bar of Seedcamp/Tree of Life festival in Kautzen that also serves 100,000s of water cups on the big festivals in Europa. Austria is the home of the Phoenix Firedancers, the country where the Goa book „20 years of Psychedelic Trance“ of Tom Rom and Pascal Querner has been done.

Cosmic Flow Festival Austria pic by Elmas Libohova

Cosmic Flow Festival Austria pic by Elmas Libohova

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