Soltek did not have the slightest idea who had nominated him for the World Peace Championship, but now he was there. He had been assigned to the team of the cosmic karma connoisseurs from planet Wunderhumus…

…and had explained the job to him. “When you hear: Get ready for peace! than run away with us, hold the “T” over your head, while constantly calling WORLD PEACE WORLD PEACE WORLD PEACE. Do that until world peace is there. But beware that you can not overtake the “R” or let yourself be overtaken by the “F”, then we fall out of the rating and get all the blame for the world unpeace and pay the bill.

He was sharing the data of the impending neuroenergetic stream of joy on the chakrymagazin of Life, with pleasure and full of worthy pride,. Thanks to the magic hand elves, the cannabiotic costume was ready and the marching in could begin.

What a splendor. Wind rosey world peace artwork applications from the combined galaxies lined the path to the stadium of galactic bliss and all the cheerers were so excited that they generated a gravitational wave emission peak that moved the icosmological space time reality a little too far to the right. For a moment it was almost a question of the peace of the worlds and the ferryman with the destination Island of the Blessed wanted to get ready. But with the routine nonchalance of a space cowboy, washed with all the waters of the multiverse, Soltek recognized his micro show chance and effectively corrected, with a skilful double side back kick bounce hip, the myome stream back into the harmony of ancient cosmic wisdom: “When the time of world peace comes, then it is time of world peace.”

The bliss of happiness on the faces of the referees was telling all and it would have to go with the double devil, if it could not manage to carry this triple victory over the finish line. Luckily the bill was made that day with the Master of Light. The guests danced with joy and poured into euphoria announcements of all known and especially unknown species and celebrated this important day of world peace.

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