Ask Dr. Goa – Goa Nazis and Hippie Hipsters

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Dr.Goa is back and answers your questions which you always wanted to ask, but never dared to ask. If you have a question to Dr. Goa, then simply write to:

Hi Dr. Goa! I celebrate our way of life since more than 20 years. During all this time I thoroughly enjoyed the absolute freedom to be wild and free: Dancing and having a blast in a community that has a spirit which is based on the free development of every single personality. Body control – all well and good, but there‘s a time for everything! However, recently I was often criticized because of my sometimes pretty wild and extensive arm and leg acrobatics on the dance floor, which might happen high above my head. Some even called me a “Dance Dork” because of my optical appearance…! Do these people still have to learn or do I have to work on my inhibitions? That would be a bummer, because I just don‘t wanna do that. Greetz, Crizz

Hey Crizz! I think I said it before: Certain parts of our scene went that far to the left that they eventually came out on the right side of things, if you catch my drift. We‘re talking about the widespread phenomenon of the Goa nazis and Hippie hipsters. Their attitude has a very negative effect on the good, old scene motto “Dance for Peace” – even within our own scene, because they focus way too much on appearance and style and because they are a tremendous, totally unnecessary pain in the ass for good fellows like you. That‘s why the answer is clearly: These guys still have a lot to learn, they really gotta chill! Dealing with them in a party situation is not an easy task and can be pretty unnerving. It‘s difficult! Maybe you should get a torch like Shiva Nataraja, the Lord of Dance…?

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