Bademeister, Ahoy!

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Three questions you always wanted to ask DJ Bademeister.

The “Bademeister” is not only a music act and an eye-catcher at psy parties. He has reinvented the Northern Experience Family, and since then, it’s only been going forward.

How did you create the character of a “psychedelic lifeguard”?
For over 20 years I am involved in the psytrance scene. At that time superficiality did not matter at all. “Goa” meant being colourful and tolerant. My colleague Udo, aka DJ c.u.l.t., once said: “As a DJ you need a trademark.” So, I grabbed a bath robe, printed BADEMEISTER on it and a snapshot of it was shared 1000 times within one week.

Udo and you invented ­Northern Experience. How did you develop NE-Rec?
We had a plan to do a Northern Experience label right from the start, but we wanted to wait until we had enough producers to do a compilation. With the “Northern Experience compilation No.1” the time had come. I founded NE-Rec. and released the record. I produce, too.

When will we hear from you next?
Besides the compilation, we also released the “Humanity EP by Goarilla”. There’s also an EP from the artist “Dymoon” upcoming and my second track “Energy Vampires” will hopefully be finished this month. It’s more powerful and was mastered by “Chrizzlix”.

You can party with the Bademeister on 09.02.2019 at the Northern Experience Night at the Catonium in Hamburg.

Bademeister on Facebook mal was anderes ...danke an Christian Mudrack für deinen Sound in Ägypten und Armin Boom Shankar für paar neue tracks ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Milanectric aka Bademeister

Der Newie und das Urgestein mit Alpha auf der S.D.R. labelnight ... See MoreSee Less

Der Newie und das  Urgestein  mit  Alpha  auf der S.D.R. labelnight

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Das Vergnügen hatte ich vor 18 Jahren auch mal 👍👌🙏

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