Free Music from South Africa: 18 track compilation and e-book for download!

A Taste of South African Psychedelics – FREE MUSIC

Inspired by Cape Town’s burgeoning Psy-Trance scene, in 2000 Nano Records was born as an international voice for South African producers. Nano Records has expanded over the years into one of the top Psy-Trance labels on the international scene and is now home to artists from everywhere in the world. A global label with deep roots in Africa.

Over these last 16 years, a lot has changed and developed. Not only does the South African Psy-scene now have a wide range of world renowned Producers & DJs, but also has massively successful Visionary Artists, Decor Artists & Festivals. South Africas scene continues to morph and grow, at times influenced by the international Psy-scene, at other times dancing to the beat of its own drum.

free music from south african psychedelics

To celebrate this we, NANO Records, have collected a taste of art and music from some (and this is really only ‘some’ – as there are so many more flavors) of South Africa’s top Psytrance producers and Visionary Artists. Therefore prepare yourself for a massive dose of South African Psychedelics!

Free Music! NANO Records has also created a free downloadable digital booklet to accompany this release, which features a host of South African Visionary Artists, including Juanita Kruger, Carin Dickson, Julian Graham, Jonathon West and others.

The whole album and booklet is available now as a FREE music download from the Nano Records website, plus to buy as a limited edition CD from Psyshop, additional booklet available as download only.

A Taste of South African Psychedelics


A Taste of South African Psychedelics


free music from south african psychedelics1) Broken Toy – This Is Africa
2) Zenith – Creative Minds Fly
3) Sad Paradise – Savages
4) SiLo & Beartone – Cosmic Landscape
5) The Commercial Hippies – Heat Wave
6) Deliriant – fsociety
7) Breaker & Itone – Visual Hallucinations
8) Headroom – Bob The Build-Up
9) Double Story – Freedom Comes First


free music from south african psychedelics1) Flooting Grooves – The Hat
2) EMP – Hax
3) Shift – Eternal Flow
4) Zezia – Lizard Galaxy
5) Bernz – ProteoMics
6) Shockwave – Arrowhead
7) Highstyle – Vision Quest
8) Tersius – Afrikan Groove
9) Particular – Numbers

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