The Magic Pill

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Life is a continuous journey, a sort of unending mental exploration of consciousness. It is a reflection of countless colours – some dark, some light, some happy, some sad, and just as the sun never fails to rise in the east likewise it’s a cosmic law that the brave traveller will encounter a variety of pitfalls designed to induce fear or anxiety.

Stay afloat in the storms of life

There’s never a shortage of situations wherein one could find oneself struggling to stay positive, and it becomes relatively easy to slide into the darker regions of the emotional spectrum – in times like these a better alternative to wallowing in self-pity would be to practice the art of gratitude. Counting one’s blessings instead of the sorrows switches the vibrational frequency, resulting in not just the lightening of one’s internal spirits but also works as a magnetic beacon to attract a range of miracles that can be life trans­forming. Thoughts are powerful, and when one chooses to be thankful instead of anxious, it sends out a signal to the universe indicating trust in the divine process guiding all lives. Appreciate blessings, and soon it will be simple to stay afloat in the storms of life – After all gratitude is the magic pill.


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