Trance is the only way to Party..

“How do you feel when you dance?”

“I just lock in with everyone else and let go…”

This documentary  traces the origins of trance and goa trance scene in England, back in 1992. Created by Rupert (Merlinhedd), the original producer of the film, the video features a number of interviews given by trancers, who talk about the way the music makes them feel, and the manner in which psytrance pushes for the expansion of consciousness.

Full of great insights on the origins of the scene, and snippets of people shaking all their bits to the fast dropping beats of pystrance in dimly lit night clubs…this video will almost make you wish you could swing back on the time-vine and jump into the era were life was a little less complicated, cell-phone free, and fun!

Photo credits: Brian Williams

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