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Mosaico stands for a vibrant patchwork of highly motivated new Psytrance talents, represented on 1 CD and 11 digital releases since its foundation in late 2010. Besides Brazilian live acts Evenflow, Frenetic, Hyperflex, Lonewolf, Earthspace, Patchbay, Shekinah, Tera and Waterphonics, there is Djane Rosa Ventura, and the German duo Arkadius & lil Momo. The remarkable dynamic take-off of the label is no coincidence: Founder DJ PIN is everything but a dark horse in the international scene. He used to be the representative of TIP World in Brazil and A&R manager for Planet BEN Records worldwide. We had a little chat with DJ PIN…
How did you find the pieces for your shimmering Mosaico?
Each artist who joined us was a very special discovery, each one has very original sound which perfectly matched the label. At the moment, what excites me the most is the large amount of cooperations and remixes among them, creating a very friendly and creative environment at Mosaico and intensifying the quality of all the productions.

What was your personal highlight in the history of the label?
Our personal highlight was an afternoon at Universo Paralello #11 which was dedicated to all Mosaico Records artists playing in a row. A one-of-a-kind moment at a unique festival! Which releases may we look forward to?
Our next CD release, ‘Cinco’, compiled by Djane Rosa Ventura. She is one of the best DJs I’ve ever seen in action, and she gathered really strong and exclusive dance floor tracks for her debut compilation, something to really keep an eye out for. Also, I’m about to finish to my new digital compilation, ‘Transcendent Music’, which contains many collaborations between Mosaico artists and also music from some of my favorite acts worldwide.


Ein schillerndes Mosaik aus neuen Psytrance-Talenten, so frisch, unverbraucht und energetisch wie die brasilianische Szene, wo es entstanden ist: Gegründet 2010 von DJ PIN, vorher TIP World-Repräsentant und A&R bei Planet BEN Records, konnte Mosaico Records von Anfang an durch Qualität und Innovation überzeugen.

Bisher geschah dies auf 1 CD und 11 Digital-Releases, sowie in Form der Live Acts Evenflow, Earthspace, Frenetic, Hyperflex, Lonewolf, Patchbay, Shekinah, Tera and Waterphonics. In Europa vertreten Arkadius & lil Momo das Label. Demnächst präsentiert die talentierte Auflegerin Rosa Ventura ihre CD-Compilation „Cinco’, zudem steht die Zusammenstellung „Transcendent Music’ von DJ PIN auf dem Programm.

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