No doubt, light has an enormous influence on human emotions. Apart from the obvious necessity of sunlight for life, the lighting conditions of each situation directly provoke particular moods. Thus the cold atmosphere of a polar landscape or the burning heat of a flame can be created by a lighting setting that triggers the according emotions.

Laser light is even more special because it is additionally capable of creating optical impressions of surreal beauty, impressions that go beyond the scope of everyday life: Flying through clouds or experiencing a thunderstorm of rays, for instance. BlackOut specialized in exactly this kind of optical pleasure which can hardly be achieved with conventional spotlight technology.

The tunnels, waves or rainbows created by multicolour laser projectors appear perfectly three-dimensional and tangible, so it frequently happens that people in astonishment even try to grab them. When synchronized with the music, the show is most impressive: The symbiosis of laser and sound opens a fascinating, new dimension of sensual experience.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, BlackOut gained great reputation during the past 5 years, providing their technology at Trance, House and Electro events all around the world. This might have to do with the fact that the crew itself has a personal connection to these scenes and the music and therefore knows exactly what to do.

BlackOut projectors sent their rays over the crowds at Spiritual Healing, Beatpatrol, Spiritbase, Fullmoon and Narcissus Club Bangkok, just to name a few. On the first weekend in December, they will be part of the Freakplanet event in Hamburg.

Not only science fiction fans will remember that laser radiation can be harmful for humans. This fact may not be forgotten in face of all the colourful sceneries to be seen hovering above a dance floor. Only 10 mW (= milliwatt, a thousandth of a Watt) of laser power can cause lasting damage in the human’s eye.

For this reason, it is very important to observe certain security measures and to create a save setup; conditions that may not be met by amateurs. This again brings into play a professional operator like BlackOut: Long year routine, high-end RGB projectors and a trained team make sure that the visual experience comes with excellence but without any harm.

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