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Tiinautti Kosminen Salamatkustja

Tiinautti Kosminen Salamatkustja

Sparsely populated, but heavily tranced, Finland is literally, rising – due the post-glacial rebound. Featuring an amazing 190,000 lakes and 180,000 islands Finland‘s events are a truly singular experience. At underground events you can listen to all the different kinds of psychedelic Trance music and djs. Finnish parties will usually start at 21 or 22 hrs, while most clubs will close at 4:00 am.

But, naturally, there is a flourishing after party culture, which traditionally guarantees a continuance of partying between 5 and 10 am. In general, at the door, entry is from 5 to 15 Euros, depending on the event, of course, and open airs are way more expensive, starting at 25/35 Euros. Music-wise big events seem to prefer slower bpms, between 140 to 148, ranging from Proggy to Fullon and also some soft Forest Psy. Two characteristic features of Finland‘s Psy culture are firstly, the quality of audio and secondly, decoration. Whereas the line ups host very popular names indeed, many from our neighbour Russia, our Finnish djs as Tim Duster, Shishya (both Sun Station Records), Avara (Blue Hour Sounds), Turbulence (Purple Hexagon), Kolibriscope Confabulus (previously known as Noitarumpu), Zen Agent, Polly & Miazu, Nebula Meltdown (Suntrip Rec), Inkeri Tahti, Terva, and Shatter Sound also jockey the discs well, even internationally. Known Finnish producers are Rye Smugglers, Soladria, Lunar Vegetarian, Vertical, Dreadlock tales, Haltya, Troll Scientists, Texas Faggott, Squaremeat, Salakavala, Calamar Audio, Luomuhappo, Evocatone, Noitarumpu/Confabulus, Crystal Cris, Kiwa, Mandalavandalz, Vishnudata. Interesting decoration teams are Flowers Of Life, Vesa Peltonen, Havainto, and Luovius.

Jaakko Hölsö Existence - Evolution

Jaakko Hölsö Existence – Evolution

Still, it has to be said, that at many events, at any hour the music sounds very similar. However, all of them issue good energy. Also, people are organised and really helpful, and normally friendly, as well. Not just because they are interested in creating a good vibe on the dance floor.

Mainly the Psytrance events are based in Helsinki and Tampere which is also the base for the main party and festival promoters as Futuristics, People of Butterflies, Aura, 7th Heaven Lab AURA Collective, Sywa Ry, Wider Visions, and

Juho Helle

Juho Helle

Juho Helle (Existence Festival). Finnish labels are Exogenic Records (Finnish mainstream Psytrance), Freakdance Records (Progressive) and Antiscarp Records (Progressive). It is possible to find 1 or 2 events per month. In the capital Helsinki, the main club for the winter season is called Venue ( The two best known Open Air Psytrance events are Existence Festival in July and Rebirth Festival in June ( While Existence has a popular line up and promises a good visual show, Rebirth has more diverse kinds of Psy music. Apart form that many other events are mixing Psytrance with other genres of electronic music. is is a good option to see all upcoming events, structured per date and style – also the site is in English.


Mack Yidhaky / M.y. Project

Mack Yidhaky / M.y. Project

Mack Yidhaky / M.y. Project,

Juho Helle

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