Alex Tolstey, DJ, producer and director of Boshke Beats Records (Spain), label that almost for two decades blending techno with trance, electro with acid house and other undefined electronic dance music styles.

Do you have a special artist concept? If so, how would you describe it?

Well I hope so! I started to DJ in the early 90s at trance parties. At those times we played EVERYTHING that was psychedelic and rocking enough for the dancefloor, there were no styles and no boundaries.

What was the reason behind you to started Boshke Beats?

We had this tech trance vision, it worked so well on dance floors, we had great artists like Midimiliz, Authentik, The Delta. The music was out of definition and we decided to make a record label dedicated to this particular sound. We loved rave vibes, when techno and trance merge, cinematic emotions.

What influenced you to get into your field?

Music, I always was into music since I was born. I was influenced by life, people around me, love, art, movies, traveling, new sounds, instruments, technology. I guess like anybody else in his own field.

Who or what inspires you to achieve the best results?

My love, family, friends, other musicians, producers, nature, history and art. To aim at best results is the only way for me. It is never enough for me but I also know to differ and evaluate my possibilities, anyhow all this is based on experience and knowledge and hard work.

As an artist, what role do you think you play in society?

The role an artist plays in society is largely dependent on the personality of the artist and on that artist’s chosen subject matter. An artist can lead, follow, uplift or provoke with his work. Art is often a reflection or extension of personality. The artist provides society with emotions, colour, and texture, projecting his vision to the masses and carrying message to his audience.

What was your funniest party experience?

Getting searched for drugs in Santiago De Chile airport, then arranging a guest list for the major officer and seeing him with his girlfriend in the middle of dancefloor jumping like nuts few hours later on a party I played.

What was your best set you have ever played and why?

ZNA Gathering festival in Portugal last year. 9 hours set with X-Dream. Totally unexpected and totally improvised, and at the same party the closing set when the unexpected thunderstorm started and I had to play for 4 hours under heavy rain and nobody left the dancefloor, the energy of this party was just WOW.

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