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In this very exciting interview Jeremy aka Laughing Buddha talks about his origins as a Trance musician, his epiphany on the dance floor, the twilight in the middle, and future plans.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

You’ve been around since the early days of Goa, maybe even before we started to call it Goa. Please tell us the story when Jeremy became Laughing Buddha.
The time was back in the early 90s. I had just been taken to a Goa reunion party in London when I had my epiphany on the dance floor. At this point I decided I wanted to help people to feel the things I had experienced, feel the astonishment on the dance floor. Like with any magician, you want to know their tricks. I was a guitarist at the time, but quickly signed up for electronic music production courses. I thought I could die happy, if I had just one track that I had written played in the party. Once I’d achieved this my ambitions kept growing to releasing a track, then an album and so on, but it was hearing your music played at the party which was the real thrill.

What was your magic when you converted to Trance?
I found a kind of freedom in this music, and it was exciting, new, different. It sounded like it had not been made by people but by extraterrestrials in some space ship somewhere and was just beamed into my brain, incredibly exciting. And it felt like there was no limit to it, endless opportunity musically, creatively, to explore, experiment, be creative.

What’s your music formula?
The challenge for me is to find ways to break existing formulas, to do something that is breaking new ground, exciting, experimental and interesting. For me its about writing real psychedelic music, about finding the balance between light and dark, the twilight in the middle, that makes people feel happy, safe to get really twisted, so you can play with some very far out, twisted sound and crazy psychedelic noises which does not feel scary to people but makes them feel happy to dance… That’s what is really exciting me at the moment.

What more can we expect from you in the near future?
I am currently here near Hamburg working on a collaboration with my good friend Fernando, otherwise known as WAIO which is great fun. I have also been working on new material of my own back in the UK. Most excitingly, my good friend Tristan has moved to the countryside between Stonehenge and Glastonbury, a very sacred part of England and very close to where I live. We have already begun writing new material as our project ‘Fearsome Engine’ so a new album is on the way… very excited about that.

This article appeared first in our print edition.

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6 days ago

Laughing Buddha

I had no idea at the time that all this was going on during my set at Glade a few years ago!! 😂

Jolyon Rubinstein
Dale Maily hates hippies and reports from the “festival” front lines where this weekend jobless losers walked around snorting drug pounder to escape from their pathetic little lives. You’re welcome.
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"they're all demonically connected to the monster" "hippies. hippies everywhere." hahahahah

Hahahaha this was basically my biggest takeaway from this vid.

mainstream is the cancer

Devil chanting 😀

"Demonically connected " 😂😂😂😂

This guy is hilarious !

Ha ha! Brilliant!

Sophie Sturm

Harpreet Singh Sumeet S Wali Jai Solanki

Mat Hartop

Marco Davis John Koch


Florian Gruber 😂🤣

Nicolas Thibault

Axel Lund

Mitso MitchMatt MunnerzJordy Bee

Hannah Schieß

Anton Zagrebelny

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3 weeks ago

Laughing Buddha

Total blast last weekend in Helsinki Finland at the Alppimuisto Open Air party. Free party right in the city in a beautiful park with an amazing crowd of happy people and killer line up... playing alongside Dick Trevor and Merv Pepler. Thanks Peter Gerkman and Arto for an awesome time... great job guys!!! ... See MoreSee Less


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still waiting for a Laughing Buddha blast at free earth festival - hope to see u at the next one !!! keep rockin!!!

Absolute legends ! 🙂

4 weeks ago

Laughing Buddha

My remix of the hit track 'The Dance Temple' by Avalon and Burn in Noise is in the Beatport Psytrance Top 10... <3 Grab your copy here:
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My remix of the hit track The Dance Temple by Avalon and Burn in Noise is in the Beatport Psytrance Top 10...
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