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The dance crowds go crazy when Bim and Drukverdeler melt their laptop controller setups to a symbiosis and pass unexpected tunes to the other

On the floor we are one

bim_druckverdeler-1-by-Joffreybim_druckverdeler-2-by-JoffreyHow did the two of you come together?

D: Actually I have been producing music for all my life, but in 2003 after doing two albums for Medium Records at some point I decided to take a break from the music business.
After a couple of years things started to itch, and I found myself in the studio again, and actually producing some new tracks. When I went to this party in Muenster (Flammentanz) I saw Bim on the line-up and decided to bring something I had been working on. This track was “Universe”, and Bim liked and released it. From that point on I started sending more tracks to Bim, and Bim made suggestions. He suggested “can you try this?”, or “change that”, or ”come out of the break in a special way, build more energy” etc. That’s how things got rolling.

How would you describe your cooperation as DJ’s?

D: For the most part, I am in the studio, building the bassses, the grooves, synth patches, and figuring out in which order they sound the best. But in the end, I am a technical person, who might not really have a target or purpose for the track, and this is where Andreas steps in. He always has a clear vision and colourful ways to express himself. This is the ingredient that brings our tracks to the next level.

B: I was lucky that somebody found me, as I am only the man with the mad ideas. He understands my vision, I understand him.

Would you like to illustrate how you go about a set and what happens during it?

D: When we play live, I have a setup, laptop, sound card, MIDI keyboard / controller. Pretty much of what we play is already set in a particular order. Andreas has his own laptop, with the same set, that we start synced. Both setups contain a set of samples – we each have our own – and effects with which we play and entertain the crowd.
Then, when the set is running, we both have our own timeline on our own laptop, and we know which parts we want to play in the sounds we like, sharing the energy with the people on the dancefloor and also have that magical interaction.

Mostly what happens is, Andreas finds a bunch of samples, or recorded something and sends it to me. In the studio I will process it, cut some subs, mid-low frequencies, add some Reverb so that it will sound smoothly when we play it live. My own sample library mostly consists of FX, risers, drops, and some atmospheric tuned samples, or envelope pitched sounds, and I control Reverb, Delay and filters by the midi controller.
When playing live, the really cool thing that can happen, is that we have this break, or a part in a track where we both feel we are losing the energy, and we both planned to play something to keep things interesting. Then we both start this idea, we have at the same time but did not expect from each other, so we are both totally surprised, look at each other like “Wow!” that sounded awesome, and the crowd picks those kind of things up and goes crazy on the floor.

What’s your take of this Bim?

B: I don’t like to be somebody who is doing only the mixer during the live set. I told Michiel, I am a DJ. so, luckily I had the Idea to bring my own laptop with the same timeline as Michiel and to play my samples and effects as DJ over the CDJ exactly in the right moment during the live set.

So, what’s currently happening? In which direction will your music be heading in the future?

D: Currently, we are working on our first album, the name will be ‘Public Enemy’. It will be a bit faster than our usual 138 bpm, a bit more psychedelic, and maybe also a bit darker but still very friendly and trancy. Digital OM is releasing this kind of music already – maybe a bit faster than what we are aiming for, haha – but we tried one EP “Mama Afrika” and it was a success. We have to give big credits to Digital Ohm and Nishan for doing an amazing job with the promotion!

We might already have been making this kind of music, but now we will speed it up, make it more freaky while ensuring, that the flow is gentle and rolling. This way, we think, we can become a more interesting act to book for the nighttime.

B: Exactly, we really hope to find a balance between trance and psychedelic trance. The same, but in a different way. It’s always good to be different.

What do you think makes your music different from the work of other artists?

B: Other artists are doing an album in three or four months which is not possible for us. When we do it, we need a year, maybe more, because we like to be different with different styles and maybe together with some new talented artists. Like Ellinio and Orisma from Greece. I think, in the end, it will be a great soundscape and useful for everybody.

‘Public Enemy’ doesn’t invoke psychedelic associations. Why this somewhat peculiar name?

D: The name of the album, ‘Public Enemy’ was chosen because in our scene we are all public enemies, what we do, how we live our life, which standards we maintain, it makes us public enemies.
B: Additionally, when you go on great party like we played in South-Africa. There are Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, African, European and Asian people but on the floor we are one, and peaceful together. And this is very dangerous for the public, because when you change your mind you change the political rules.

Drukverdeler & DJ Bim

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