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28 years old Brazilian DJ and producer WAIO discloses­ why he lives in the North of Germany in the first place, talks about his trademark, the difference between scenes and his collection in the making.

WAIO: Interview on mushroom.tv

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Why do have your studio near Hamburg, what happened as you are from Brazil originally?
In 2010 I moved from Brazil and went to live in different countries in Europe, then I met my girlfriend and we decided to move to Lubeck. We like it here. I will stay here for now because I have a son here. Everything is good. It’s a bit cold but just for a short period, but as some sort of balance you have longer days in the summer.

What was your path into Psytrance music?
I discovered Psytrance music when I was pretty young through my brother. At the time playing violin I got curious how Psytrance producers made this sound, those noises. So I did some research and was quickly hooked into Psytrance. My inspiration then were Infected Mushroom and Astral Projection.

Lots of producers are using the same patterns, quite often their tracks sound similar. How you can survive as an artist?
I do believe there are leaders and followers. You have to find your own trademark, your own signature. When you hear a particular music, you must be able to recognize it as this guy’s music. This is very interesting. You can hear and learn. Most of the time I create sounds anew. My biggest passion is to create melodies using distinctive sounds, and then to put everything together.

What is the WAIO trademark?
I always use real glitch-sound and create melodies using short sounds but not alway s the same notes.

If you compare the scenes in Europe and South America, what’s the difference?
The Brazilian scene likes offbeats, big build-ups, drops, lots of drums and percussions. The sound shouldn’t be twisted or psychedelic. In Europe people accept everything, they are curious to hear what could be next. Whereas ten hours of the same music could be boring here, in Brazil they can listen to ten hours of the same music and are happy with it. The structure of parties in Europe tends to be more sophisticated, in terms of logistics and organisation.

Please tell us about your new album?
I released an album now, called ‘Supernowa’ of which I rapidly sold 100 very exclusive copies. Now I plan a new album this year. Beside I am producing tracks with Laughing Buddha, a track with Sinerider, a remix of Symbolic and some other original WAIO tracks. The idea is to release four albums to be released all in different labels, as a series, a collection called Nova Galactica.

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