Once you have decided that burning herbs harms your health too much and start looking for a vaporizer, you probably have felt that vaporizers are either much too bulky or obscure looking.

Now, brand new, comes the DaVinci vaporizer. Designed with portability in mind it fits into your pocket, its small form makes it convenient and discreet, to be enjoyed anywhere and it looks smart too. This vaporizer is made from premium, non gassing materials, boasting digital temperature control, is giving you a truly precise and accurate vaporization temperature.

While other units use inaccurate technology that defeat the purpose of temperature-sensitive vaporization, such as butane, the battery powered DaVinci let‘s you choose the exact degree in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Not only that, but the DaVinci is packed full of additional bells and whistles, including an internal storage compartment, built in cleaning brush, ergonomic design, automatic shut off and a drop tested case.

The lithium-ion batteries let‘s you use it continuously for 45-60 minutes and then the batteries can be recharged to 100% in about 3 hours, using a power adapter that plugs into the unit. If herbs aren’t your thing, the DaVinci is accompanied by two oil cans to utilize your vaporizer material of choice. It‘s your choice – either herbs or oils.

Order at website or visit your local smoke shop!

Vaporisieren bedeutet direktes Inhalieren des verdampften Materials, kein Verbrennen, kein Rauch. Das Aromatherapie Gerät bis zur erforderlichen Temperatur eingestellt, wird das verdampfte Material inhaliert. Die Aufnahme giftiger Stoffe wird vermieden, z.B. die des Papiers, was weit weniger belastet als rauchen.

Der springende Punkt dabei ist natürlich das Gerät. Hat man sich eimal entschieden, pro Dampf und contra Rauch erfüllt der brandneue DaVinci Vaporizer alle Wünsche hinsichtlich Grösse und Aussehen.

Praktische Taschengrösse für den diskreten Gebrauch überall, präzise Temperaturregulierung, batteriebetrieben, mit eigenem Reinigungsset, ergonomisches Design, Aufprallschutz, Abschaltautomatik und sogar zwei kleine Ölbehälter, falls man statt Kräutern mal Öl inhalieren möchte.

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