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Konstantin’s distinctive and whimsical style is a symbiosis of numerous trends. His paintings unite the inner structure of things with the explosive power of the spontaneous and immediate.

He scoops his inspiration from the vast ocean of impressions of the information age he creates something completely new. The borders between figurative and abstract, dream and reality are blurring. Spiritual insight meets graffiti, punk attitude and neon advertising. Dominant is the expression of change, of transition. The world in the flow of time.

Inspired by quantum physics, he interweaves forms from the abstract, the spontaneous unknown. Skilled, visual links in the composition of the image, gradually merge the fragmented and thus simulate the all-encompassing, vibrating field of form that permeates and animates our world. His characters are constantly in search of individual freedom, beyond the established thought patterns of our society.

“My paintings are the dynamic expression of a subtle and intangible world, from which all the material phenomena of ours originate”, says the artist himself about his artwork. The great visionary Prof. Ernst Fuchs once just called them “Windows to Infinity”

Dennis Konstantin Bax – Imaginary Friends

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