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Following the release of Double R.E.L’s new album ‘U name iT’ (Doof Records) we gathered the Israeli R.E.L couple for a short quiz in order to get to know them better. It is well known that the origin of the name Double REL is made by the surprising coincidence that both their first names are Ariel, but hardly anyone knows their last names, therefore they are usually called by most of the people ‘the tall Ariel’ and ‘the strong Ariel’.
You can keep calling them that- it’s even about right: the word ‘Ram’ in Hebrew ( tall Ariel’s last name) means ‘tall’ and the name ‘Sela’ (strong Ariel last name) means a ‘Rock’. After you overcome this overwhelming information we can start focusing on what’s really interesting: their music.
In their last album CEREAL KILLERZ! The double have defined a new style of ‘dark psy’ which was funny as much as it is pumping. Their unique sound and energy made them one of the most popular acts in the Israeli underground trance parties.Over time their style grew up and changed, as you can hear in the set at the following link, this new album brings a new and different experience- not so radical as they used to but still very far from any mainstream line. It’s a creation that will make you bounce around on a Psycadelic vibe.

The RELs were asked to shoot the first answer that pops out and here they are:

My disorder is:
Ram: Our music
Sela: It’s in the small details

I would never:
Ram: Prevent anyone from our music
Sela: Shirk or be late to my gig

My favorite artist:
Ram: It keeps changing
Sela: ‘Prodigy’

My favorite album:
Ram: Total Eclipse – ‘violent relaxation’
Sela: I don’t think there is one specific, it changes by my mood swings, the time of the day I enjoy a variety of styles, and always Doof Records’ releaser they’re a blessing.

My favorite movie:<
Ram: ‘The Godfather’- all three
Sela: ‘The Godfather’ 1

My favorite book:
Ram: The story of the 5 balloons, it’s a children’s book I read to my daughter
Sela: I hardly read books over the last years, I’m more into toilette magazine kind of person.
The strangest thing that ever happened to me at a party:
Ram: I had an epilepsy seizure in the middle of the Doof Festival and an ambulance took me away from the dance floor.
Sela: a guy came to me at a party once and showed me a diary he writes when ever he listens to our music in which he describes his emotions and feelings

Gives me joy:
Ram: My family: Sharon- my wife and Aviv- my daughter and of course when people dance to our music.
Sela: seeing the crowed dancing inside a cloud of dust coming up from the ground.

Makes me sad:
Ram: when a party is closed down by the police and people get arrested.
Sela: I really hate to see cops at a party arresting people with no reason and confiscating equipment; I don’t think anyone who came for some good time needs to experience this.

My biggest fear:
Ram: If I couldn’t make music anymore or if no one likes our music
Sela: If a CD jams in the middle of a show or if the power shuts down, this silence sounds like the devil itself

psychedelic moment is when:
Ram: I can’t add words in to a sentence
Sela: When your imagination runs wild on a desert rave

I wish next year I get to perform at:
Ram: Brazil, Mexico.
Sela: Brazil and Australia.

I relax by:
Ram: My beloved people and my family
Sela: On a quite evening with my girlfriend at home, music or a good movie.

I get insane by:
Ram: Inner conflicts
Sela: Our music!

Something you haven’t done and you wish to do:
Ram: Extreme sport like bungee and skydive
Sela: Extreme sport

Plans for next year:
Ram: Do things I haven’t done before, visit places I haven’t seen and most important- be a good husband and a great dad.
Sela: Create more music and enjoy life as much as possible.

Also visit:
double.r.e.l on facebook
double.r.e.l on beatport
double.r.e.l on bandcamp

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