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For somebody who has never heard of you: What would be a good track to get an impression of what you are doing?

At the crossroads of Dark Progressive and Dark Psy

My latest favourite is “Self Petting” from the “A Push Forward” compilation by my good friend and colleague Fabio Leal. It’s deep, full of analog sounds and very psychedelic in my opinion. I used a synth called Tetra from DSI, very fat sounding little beast. I must admit, I’m a gear slut and simply love synthesizers. So yeah, this tune might give you an idea of what I do.

You used to be a Dark Psy producer. How come you decided to shift down a gear… or two?



Around 2006, while playing as Coma Sector, my very first Dark Psy project together with my friend Anx / Void Controller, I heard a super fresh track – the production was incredibly clean, minimalist, industrial, deep as fuck! It was “Tropicana” from Sensient’s “Pressure Optimal” album. What I loved was that it was on the side of “experimentation”, not on the side of “show me your boobs while I drop this offbeat bass of my latest Beatport hit”. That really inspired me and I came up with my first HypoGeo EP something like 3 years later. Fuck formulas – we need fresh ideas, not copycats!

And how do you make sure you’re not becoming a copycat of your own sound, like so many producers?

Well, technology offers you the possibility to always re-innovate your sound. At the moment I’m diving into the world of modular synthesis, for example. That opened billions of sonic doors. I’m building my little Eurorack system and I can say that it is showing me once again that there are no borders in the realm of sound, the only border is my wallet…

You played at many festivals last summer, from small to huge. Any special memory that pops up to your mind?

One of the most impressive stages I played was definitely Modem Festival, amazing concept with the DJ almost not visible from the dancefloor and a real crazy alien video mapping. It was great to play in front of a great variety of people, I’d really like to thank them for the amazing support over the years!

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