South Africa: Sun, beaches, forests, & Psychedelics

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South Africa without a doubt, is one of the biggest, most beautiful & scenic must-see wonderlands regarding Psytrance festivals in the world today. A psychedelic cultural melting pot, with a history & heritage as rich & diverse as the party goers attending its festivals nowadays.

Over the last 10 years specifically, the Psytrance culture in South Africa has grown & bloomed into a wide-spread phenomenon, attracting new curious faces to the scene every year. In the beginning when it first originated here in 1995/1996, psytrance events were subjugated to the underground within Cape Town or Johannesburg, where advertising was at an absolute minimum, and only the people “in the know” knew where to find the festivals.

Now over 2 decades later and the intervention of social media, that underground stigma has long since passed, and  the psytrance scene has evolved & spread locally, not only across all corners of the mother city, Cape Town, but now more Psytrance parties can now be found all the way up the garden route of Knysna, up the east coast to Port Elizabeth & Durban (who both hold beautiful intimate festivals within forests & coastal beaches), and inland towards Johannesburg, who’s Psytrance scene has truly exploded over the last few years, hosting a number of festivals anywhere from the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains, to the corner of the Vaal River, or even along the Tsitsikamma River.

Obviously, Cape Town still stands its ground as the local psytrance epicenter in the scene, hosting an outdoor festival almost each weekend during its summer season, which starts at the beginning of September & ends usual around May. Venues used for festivals (albeit in short demand recently, due to local government venue restrictions), can range anything from hidden forest settings, winelands & farms, to beach venues across most of all our local coastlines. In between the festival madness, you can find countless indoor Trance parties weekly, with local club organisers covering almost each suburb/district with their own choice styles of psy to cater for the party stompers…if you are into Psytrance, and you are in Cape Town, look no further!


Without a doubt, with so many new faces (both young & old) coming & enjoying the Psy vibrations together while attending these events, the Psytrance scene in South Africa has never looked more healthy, diverse and colorful.