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Electric Universe in the mushroom time machine

After more than 21 years of mushroom magazine we are now diving into the past with the new mushroom time machine. We will be sharing interesting articles which were published way back in time. Articles can include features with artists, cool interviews, and other fun stuff! For this episode of the mushroom time machine we have Electric Universe. It’s an article from mushroom magazine edition November 2004.

About Electric Universe

The Electric Universe project was founded in 1991 by Boris Blenn and Michael Dressler in Hamburg, Germany. After being inspired by the first big Voov Experience inSprötze, the first Psy Trance orientated tracks were produced, with just 5 pieces of equipment. These were two synthesizers, one sampler, a mixing desk and an Atari 1080. Some of the tracks found their way into the hands of DJ Antaro, who had just started his record label Spirit Zone. He liked the stuff and decided to release the Electric Universe Solar Energy maxi single as the second release on his label. It turned out to be a big hit and set the ground for the first album One Love in 1994

More and more trance parties were taking place and Electric Universe started to give concerts, at first mainly in Germany and then later all around the globe. In 1997 Dressler decided to leave the project and Boris went on alone. It was the year of the Star Diver album, with the massive track Online Information, that blew the dancefloors everywhere and came to be a blueprint for breakbeat trance. In 1999 Roland Wedig joined Electric Universe and the result of the first cooperation was the track Meteor on the Blue Planet album. This kicking track, with its expressive guitar lines was played at many psychedelic parties for over a year. Often during live performances, Electric Universe will be accompanied by their stage guitarist, Roland, who accompanies the band in tracks that feature the electric guitar.

As well as the Electric Universe project, Blenn is successfully working on several side projects such as Jupiter 8000 on Nova Tekk/Liquid Audio and the chill project Galaxy on Blue Room as well as “Gabon3 with its first release in the form of the album Source Of Silence in Autumn 2003 on Medial Music/Silenzio. Many collaborations have been happening in the last few years with artists such as DJ Sangeet, S.U.N. Project, GMS and Olli Wisdom (Space Tribe). ( source wikipedia)

The Interview:


Electric Universe Sounds

The complete mushroom magazine with Electric Universe interview  inside

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