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Real Vision Music is a Psytrance label based in northern Germany, focussed on Forest Trance and was founded in April 2009 by the DJ-team Phil & Rami.

After many years of celebrating Psytrance music they started to organize parties in northern Germany (Psychic City, Midgard Fest). After this kind of experiences they set up the label work. 

The concept of Real Vision Music intends to offer a platform to artists who are sharing the same love: music, that moves our hearts, touches our souls with a high level production.

Influenced by old acts like Logic Bomb, Atmos, Hux Flux as well as established Scandinavian Psytrance labels like Sanaton, Parvati and Yggdrasil they explored their vision of music. The aim is to push Forest Trance and they have the vision to support already established artists as well as newcomers from all over the world, who touched their braincells.

To research and to release this special kind of music is something, the label wants to give back to the Psytrance community. They spread their music on international festivals like Lost Theory (Croatia), Chill Out Planet & Space Camp (Russia), Tangra Festival (Bulgaria) as well as Psycrowdelica and Freqs of Nature (Germany).

The boyz are now working on releases e.g. an after summer compilation featuring tracks by Jahbo, Ulvae, Ghostscent & Inzect and many more. The next but one release will be the new album by Fractal Error and thereafter they have EPs by Adansonia and Taakelur in the pipeline.

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10 months ago

Real Vision Music

Proper party in aarhus/DK this saturday by our friends from Dogu!!

Nocturnality (Psytrance@V58 - HUX FLUX, NAIMA, DRURY NEVIL)Dec 10, 10:00pm☾☾ NOCTURNALITY ☽ ☽
-With FUNKTION-ONE Soundsystem ! ! !

☥ ☥ ☥ MAINSTAGE ☥ ☥ ☥

☥ HUX FLUX (Z-Plane Records) - Sweden ☥

☥ DRURY NEVIL (Sonic Loom) - Greece ☥

☥ DJ NAIMA (Sangoma Records) - Austria ☥
(First time in Denmark)

☥ PHIL & RAMI (Real Vision Music) - Germany ☥

☥ AKOM (Dogu Records) ☥


☥ FREE OPTICS - Germany ☥




❅ ❅ ❅ CHILL-OUT ❅ ❅ ❅

The highly regarded visual magician Martin Stebbing has provided eye-popping visuals in many parts of the world and at international psychedelic trance festivals such as 'Freqs of Nature' and 'Noise Poison'. Prepare yourselves to be visually blown away!
Check his page out! ;)

-Psy-dub side project of Hux Flux!

-One of Denmarks most loved ambient DJ's!

-One of our local favourites who has performed in some of the biggest festivals such as Ozora (Hungary) and Freqs of Nature (Germany).


☆ Entry: 200 DKK @ DOOR
☆ Venue: Ny V58 - Vestergade 58 - 8000 Aarhus C
☆ Age: 21+ (Bring ID)
☆ Club rules apply!
☆ No drugs!

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Nocturnality (Psytrance@V58 - HUX FLUX, NAIMA, DRURY NEVIL)

1 years ago

Real Vision Music

Alright kids, it's time to publish some news!!!

Our new Compilation is almost finished!
Yes, you're reading right!!
It's almost finished!! 😊

VA - Picture Puzzle Pattern Door

Procsar Ink Pony
Ghostscent & Inzect
Pandoras Box
System Overload

Be prepared for a intense journey, not just made for dancing ;)

Otherwise, we're brewing some EP & Album things by...

Fractal Error

Stay tuned
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Inzect 😍😍😘💗😱🔥

yey finally new rvm stuff ^^ :D

Smuds big big love music <3

Yay! All of the Real Vision Music stuff is immense. :D

Looking forward to hearing some new System Overload. :)

Auuuuuuuuuuuu WANT!

So looking forward to this . Nice one !

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