A NEW BOOK about psy trance Festivals is on the way! Pascal Querner and Graham St John have set out to trace the origin of the total SOLAR ECLIPSE GATHERINGS.

To make the project go, they’ve created a Kickstarter for a 250+ page photobook to be produced this summer and shipped in the fall. The book will feature a broad selection of images from Pyramid Eclipse (Nevada, USA), Eclipse 2012 (Australia), and Oregon Eclipse (USA) along with photos from the past 25 years and 15 countries where solar eclipse gatherings have occurred.

A little preview about the Book Project:

Have you ever danced in a remote world location in celebration of the marriage of the sun and the moon? Have you howled at the sun in eclipse? Were you one of the thousands celebrating the last total solar eclipse festival in Oregon 2017? Celebrating an eclipse is a unique experience with a unique history. Let us take you back to some of these “totality” events that have been held in the path of the eclipse since the early 1990s. Inspired by the Oregon Eclipse, we want to produce a 250 pages photo book that document these events, and we need your help.

Book preview with 60 sample pages:

Further Information can be found on Kickstarter in the link below:

With love and appreciation…

Shadow Dance: Celebrating the Solar Eclipse
Coffee-table style photo book on solar eclipse festivals

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