Over the last 20 years, Psytrance fashion has developed, thanks to its visionary creators and demanding consumers, into a notable, autonomous and very unique fashion scene. So unique, in fact, that designs, ideas and materials which were born in, and for many years, only known to the Goatrance scene, are now starting to break their way through into haute couture and being presented on the world’s most famous catwalks in Paris or Milan.

Psytrance fashion is a complete spectrum of clothes made of diverse materials from organic cotton and South American wool to super modern fibre blends with a natural feel or other special characteristics. If we look at the material used, it becomes quite clear that it’s not all only about looking and feeling great while wearing the clothes, but it also takes easy laundering into account and some of the clothes will even enhance the effects of drugs like MDMA, ecstasy or LSD because of the visual and tactile experience.

There are plenty of different styles available such as dark, elfish, natural, Indian, cyber-style and many, many more bearing pictures and motives inspired by Asian (especially Indian) and South American native cultures and religious motives, space and universe, fractals, both natural and chemical drugs, animals, elves, dwarfs, mushrooms, magic plants and hundreds more.

Typical for Trance wear is the frequent use of bright colours and colours that react to UV/neon, but basic black is also, as ever, highly popular. Many Psy-fashion goodies are highly functional pieces with numerous pockets with zippers installed on pants, jackets and even t-shirts which comfortably allow easy storage of all sizes and types of personal paraphernalia while dancing.

But in the end – even though the variety of existing Goatrance clothes is seemingly endless, we mustn’t forget that Goatrance also stands for the freedom to express yourself through your own clothes and so you meet people wearing amazing DIY pieces literally at every Trance party or festival.

Katarina Bartovicova

(This article was taken from the Goa book. You can buy it a)

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