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   Black Light Art, Festival Decorations, NEON art, Fire Performances, Stage Design, Video Mapping, Fireworks, Everything that glows goes! Today in the 21st century we are more connected with the advancing technological capabilities that enabled research enthusiast Timotije Markovic to embark on a word wide wild quest for Psy Décor, Black Light Arts and Entertainment revered as some of the best and most elusive World Class Arts and Entertainment.

   George Claude of Paris France was the inventor of Neon Signs in 1902 and Edmund Germer of Berlin Germany invented the first Florescent Lamp in 1926, 125 years after UV Lighting was discovered by Johann Ritter of Silesia Poland in 1801. In the 1930’s, “incidental inventor” Robert Switzer and his brother of DayGlo Color Corporation discovered NEON paint mixing potions (from their fathers drug store) in the bath tub for their magic show, however UV colors have been used for centuries around the globe..

   The art form seemed to climax in the 60’s and 70’s via Black Light Posters and Neon T-Shirts, then appeared to disappear ever since? Not a chance, Psy arts and culture continues to evolve online as well as our connections thanks to the genius of Tim Berner, and Mark Zuckerberg. Psychedelic Decorations group brings it together in a virtual and accessible time seal of festival arts and decorations. This is truly a remarkable time in human history, the first of which for this sect of arts and humanities to experience and fully utilize the internet for the benefit of connection and co-creating to attending events many would never know about if it were not for the internet.

   A lot of organizers have been around before internet in fact most of them have, it is just a lot easier to book, connect, and research now and that is a remarkable truth many are experiencing. The downside to these advancing abilities? I don’t suppose there is any, yet! Sure the world may be overly engrossed into their tech but we are less isolated and more informed today than every before which is why it is so important to preserve the internet freedoms, the earth based communal lifestyle and the rights to free expression.

   We can trace these traditionally significant events to our deepest roots, we can say it began with Woodstock or in Goa India in the 1980’s, we can say a lot for certain and a a lot we still are mystified by the leaps and bounds Psy Culture has made in modern history and just how obscured this culture was before most indulged in the entirety of this lifestyle, rave life, the use of psychedelics and communal gatherings centered around healing, togetherness, workshops to sharpen earth based skills and teach the people valuable life lessons.

   While a lot of these movements resemble movements largely from medieval times such as “The brethren of the free spirit” which characterized new age beliefs, or pagan rituals, there is always more to discover about our individual and collective contributions to the naturalist sects. The significance of our collective but truly unique contributions into the psy realm is hard to put into words. A lot of research in this area is limited or scattered and everyone seems to have a definite idea about this conscious culture’s origin and even beliefs for that matter. The architecture of these events can be said to have been under studied and that is one motivating factor in this research for artists like Timo

   A lot of history today has been deliberately destroyed by religious and political domination which is evident in ancient Chinese governmental trend. As a new emperor would be crowned, the history would be destroyed from the past emperor. So it is so with the dominating characteristics of some religious political factions. Psy Culture resembles the grass roots of our natural order of self-governance and lifestyles talents and basic self-sustaining skills and should be protected and preserved from any and all threats. This is another major motivating factor in this research and is taken very seriously due to the understanding that the research is digital and not physical unless somehow printed, therefore everyone archived must be saved on a hard disc and spread to individuals who could benefit in the event of internet tyranny that many countries face today. The archive grants architects and organizers with the capabilities of being reconnected with an entire network they may loose due to artificial intelligence being programmed by corrupted minds. A created being learning to think at the hands of criminal minds, is truly a threat to all people including separatist societies.

   In some countries earth based eco clans are outlawed by over bearing laws and regulations while this may be a case by case circumstance some sources report being restricted from practicing their traditions in Russia for example. Asia is becoming saturated in the rave scene, and as it spreads into China the same may be expected as even in the USA private events face harsh scrutiny from local and federal authorities who refer to these people groups in explicit and disrespectful ways. The “hippie” movements spawned rage and furor against the establishment during civil rights protests and today still square off with demented fixed mindsets that drool for control of every dynamic of human life and thought.

   The predator mind programming, the innate opponent of free conscious thinking and living has always been an obstacle to the safe enjoyment of an individual’s life experience. While it is experienced in many areas of society this area is of utmost concern as these principles entitles everything we should be embracing and leaving the illusionary fog of overly oppressive regulations and law.

   The truth of our suffrage with authorities is historically and evident today and tomorrow. While it may vary in case to case one thing is for sure, and that is that global litigations are increasing the pressure on people wanting to live off the grid. We may embrace a smart system soon whereby cash is of no value, and crypto-currency/social-crediting score simply determines who lives and who dies under the rule of automated and self programming intelligence. Being barred from every transaction for embracing certain lifestyles or criticizing factions, and being outspoken may very well end human civilization as we know it and replace unique culture with corporate culture.

   The lack thereof of a global fast food franchise in almost every small to medium sized society is decreasing with time. The unique characteristics of culture is to be enjoyed upon travel and vacation dies slowly. We see a decrease in individual identity and sovereignty among the people in countries and less and less small business rights and funds are levied. This directly relates to the arts and humanities, it is absolutely connected in the most intimate ways to all regions because the less income individuals are able to earn the less they can indulge, sponsor, and contribute in the arts and humanities. Festival Architects influence their regions in the most profound manner. The influence goes beyond some factions of politics and mainstream local religions leadership and despite the lack of coverage the people of earth are increasingly involved in these separatist, self sustaining, earth based cultures. Anti war, Anti Establishment, Anti “Kakistocracy”, Pro Peace, Pro Love, Pro Self Love, Pro One, Pro Justice, Pro Coexisting.

   Its no wonder there is a history of government inflicted terrorism on this lifestyle as everything we stand for is in complete contrast to the establishment. While the Vietnam war may have been said to empower the Hippie movement it can be debated that all war should empower everyone not to partake and that every war today should be equally counter attacked by the people with global noncompliance. To credit a war with the modern movement has in part some level of relevancy to the natural evolution of our civilization. We are growing closer and more conscious and as we do we are divided more strategically through financial, Web Based, Social, Basic freedoms.

   The arts in this research represent something very sacred, the communities, the values everything in its entirety represents what the people of the world want. They want freedom! They have it and continue to gather together in the tens of thousands and rising. The issue today is the “walmartization” of these festivals and the industrialization, the monetizing fever many have that influence them to take up festivals as a career choice as it generates quite a substantial amount of income despite risks and what may be said about the meager earnings many mainstream festivals are milking the underground dry, the architects that are more passionate versus corporations being passionate about money. The industrial architecture is quite amazing and has nothing to do with the politics of the matter. The larger the crowds the larger the decorations and pyrotechnics.

   What is noticed in this initiative is that DJ’s seem to dominate the majority of performances but this is not completely true for all events. A savvy manager understands the importance of including instrumental talent and not only a lineup of DJ’s. Being a DJ can bring a huge payout for some events, versus paying for and instrumental musician who has to be someone famous in order to entertain thousands of fans that pay top dollar for these shows when the crowds exceed per say 7k. Tickets can cost anywhere from $100 to $350 for some events and that puts the power in what the people want however the people seem to be shying away from Instrumental musicians in larger settings and electronic music frankly is starting to all sound the same despite the different genres.

   The electronic era has advanced beyond the 80s synth-wave effects in smooth rock and primitive gaming music into DJ boards that anybody can pick up and become an all-star with overnight if they play their cards right. The electronic music influx is both wonderful and stagnant both exhilarating and downright overrated. Thankfully many events incorporate instrumental musicians into their performances which at large will preserve the appreciation of talent. Being a DJ takes talent certainly, however it seems to drown out the bands because it may be cheaper to pay for 5 different dj’s than 5 individuals in one band putting on one segment of a lineup, that’s all case by case dependent.

   The future of the Psy culture is hard to determine but if the way its going now continues then the corporal events may take over the underground and the network be lost in time to companies that don’t hold to the same values of the original architects that established the modern art form. Yes, a modern art form that has ancient roots. A modern art form that is largely understudied in its modern time yet the most studied when depicted through the lens of theater, the gatherings of tribes for traditional events, through the lense of humanities the culture is possibly the closest related to the natural order of human kind in all places. The regional cultures such as the aboriginals in Australia show specific traditional practices and beliefs and celebrations that are carried on by their descendants which may be lost over time due to many factors.

   The essence of the descendants of unique cultures of all people today is portrayed in Psy Culture, the tribal gatherings drum on the heartbeat of their ancestors and their fires warm away cold shoulders and shy tendency. Unique to all people, festive gatherings iterate the common enjoyment of each other of laughter of shared emotions for a cause of celebrations to times of mourning and solemn to secret meetings. The Arkenstone of world culture, the inner guiding force that drives us together forward as one.

   Somewhere along the way it became a movement, however as just stated this goes deeper than a movement and has roots that expand in every direction of the human experience and will continue to regardless of all that may post a threat to the natural order and law of humanity in the arts and humanities. We may each contribute our own perspectives on matters, paint pictures the way we see them, use our inner wisdom, contribute to greater good with the aid of our own source, the self. Truly the only source most reliable to answer our deepest questions and write out our destiny. We tend to wait for a messiah to fix our problems, but we fail to realize we are the messiah. Each and every individual has the power to think and act for themselves, to self heal, self love and self educate. These communities, the arts in the open air environments inspire these world changes that send massive ripples through our quite large but most small ball of life in the universe, standing proof of intelligence and life “out there”.


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