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A Thai village works hand in hand

Whoever visits the Thai village Ban Sri Than quickly realizes: Everything is under the spell of the triangular pillow production. Nils from Handelsturm had a look around.

handelsturm logoRelaxing on a triangular pillow? Yes, please. Travelers from all over the world have already discovered the traditional pillows and mattresses from Thailand. And the inhabitants of the village Ban Sri Than in the northeastern province of Yasothon make sure to maintain supplies. Not in dark factories under disastrous conditions as consumers in the globalised world usually have to assume. No. Manufacture is done in a self-organized way among the families of Ban Sri Than. A As a way to make a living the triangle pillow production has brought good luck, good living conditions and independence from the rice harvest. Even a colourful triangle pillow concrete statue decorates the village now.

handelsturm thai pillows statueThere is a colourful hustle and bustle in Ban Sri Than. As far as the eye can see, in the open and cheerful atmosphere triangle pillows get stuffed with Kapok fibers, sewed, packed or driven around in trucks. „Some families stuff the triangles, others sew the covers“, Nils reports. The entrepreneur from Berlin had a look around on-site to see, what he an his team are selling on their website to travelers, Thailand-freaks, fans of yoga and meditation as well as those simply looking for peace and quiet – and to check out the working conditions.

Handelsturm pillows red thai triangular„We check out all the production facilities, where we buy our products. There is always the question: Are working conditions acceptable? I don’t want to make any blood-stained deals.” Nils’ conclusion is positive: „The families can live well of it. Though no one is driving around in a Merc yet because of good family structures, everyone is taking part, also the elderly and the handicapped.“ Parents are able to offer their kids a good school education. „Production is neither hierarchically structured nor organized in a capitalist way. No one is going to rack and ruin“, he says. With respect to the work-life-balance there would be more of life than of work. „For sure, we can learn something from this“, says Nils.

The triangle pillows have been existing for centuries but have become more popular since the 80s. Still, there are difficulties in finding young talents for jobs in the triangle pillow production. „Many young people prefer working in cafes instead of sewing pillows. But schools make every effort to get young people enthusiastic about courses.“

If you want to relax on a triangle pillow and support Sri Ban Than, you can check out the website:

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