Hi there Joakim and congratulations with finishing your new album. For anyone out there who might not be familiar with your sound, can you give a quick introduction to who you are?
My name is Joakim Hjørne, and I am 38 summers old/young.. I have been working on my project Flowjob for 14 years now… I released 5 albums (all on Iboga Records) and a bunch of eps. I have been playing internationally since 2006.. I constantly try to develop and change my music, but generally it can be viewed as atmospheric progressive trance..

How and when did you get into the psychedelic trance scene – and what was it about it that sparked your interest?
It all started in October 1993.. Me and some mates had been to Sepultura concert and afterwards we went to see some friends at a party, who were into this strange kind of electronic music we knew nothing about at the time.. The pulsating drive and strange soundscape got my attention fast.. At this time Psy/goa was not really known.. The first act I really got into was Eat Static with their Abduction album.. It was different at the time from other techno music because it was dreamy and detailed rather than ravey.. Soon after Juno Reactor released their first album (Transmission) and I was sold.. In the coming months acts such as Hallucinogen, Man With No Name & Total Eclipse came about, the whole Goa scene exploded and so did I.. I started attending raves and travelled to India etc.. I knew I wanted to make this kind of music.. I always played music before, guitar in a band.. It took some years before I finally started though.

If you would define your sound in ONE track only, what would it be?
Ha.. Hard one.. From early days it must be “Run Baby Run”, in new terms it would be the title track of the new album “10000 Smiles Away”

I guess a lot would say that your sound is quite special – maybe even unique. What would you say defines your sound in comparison to other artists in the genre?
There is definitely a lot I could learn from other acts.. My weakness and strength is that I mostly sit by myself producing.. I invented my own ways of fulfilling my missions.. I still have my background in early stuff as mentioned before, therefore I dont follow the new trends such as 4 basslines in a track etc.. I like slow buildings of a story, yet with surprises…

Is there a special theme or atmosphere that you pursue with your music?
I try to make my music warm and human.. Not digitally compressed dancefloor bombs.. I focus more to create a special atmosphere.. It can be horrorlike as my last album showed or more warm and organic as the new one.. As long as its fun/interesting to make , I go for it..

Professionally and personally, what is your goal with your music?
In the beginning it was all about getting out there and play.. Nowadays my goal is to make something that the others dont make.. Present my personallity in the music and see how much I can achieve with this.. As long as there is a interest for my music worldwide and I still enjoy making it, my goal is reached.

You’ve also been involved in other music, such as TV-jingles. How did that come about, and what differentiates that from your music as Flowjob?
Yes I have been working for Danish National TV on different occasions.. I was lucky to have a fan that produced a lot of big danish TV shows.. After an outdoor gig in Copenhagen, this guy (who is now a friend) came to me and said he heard jingle potential in my music.. He asked if I could make the whole sounddesign for European Football cup, Danish Transmission.. I was like “wooow”.. I did it, they were satisfied and have since been working for them on different projects such as World cup Football, Eurovision, Denmarks Next Top Model, a crime show etc… You can follow my jingle work on jhlyddesign.dk.

I very much enjoy this work.. When you are used to always make music from your own brain its nice to have an assignment to fulfill.. Be in dialogue and make other people happy with your skills.. It’s a good and healthy effort and test.. I also make some sounds I wouldn’t have elsewise, and I use them in my Flowjob tracks..

What do you think about the current “state of the union” of the music scene at the moment, and the psychedelic trance scene in particular?
Hmmm, both good and bad things are happening if you ask me honestly. There are amazing acts coming up, but I also see a tendency I dont really follow. The new clubby trance that are more dj tools than actual songs is not my cup of tee. I miss the atmosphere, the story and the red line..Maybe I am just an old fool..:) On the other hand there still popping up acts I really admire.. Talpa and Phaxe for instance..

Flowjob started out as a two-man project, but you split up some years ago. Can you tell us about what happened?
Actually it started as an one man act, after 2 years Mads came along.. He was the drummer in my former metal band, and my best friend… We did 2 albums together and gigged all around the world together.. It was a great time trying this out for the first time sharing it with your friend.. We are still friends, but Mads took the decision not to be a part of it anymore due to some psysichal problems with his back.. He is still suffering from that, but has a good life..

On to the new album – how did you come up with the title?
Ehhh, it just came.. I always like to juggle with words.. Changing a single letter or refrasing something…I just liked the poetry in it… I like open titles .. People can think of it as they want…

And about the sound of the new album; What differentiates it from your earlier work?
Well the new one is actually the one I have always wanted to make.. Mostly after finishing an album I always hear mistakes.. With this one I am 100% satisfied.. If you compare with the last album (USB Ready) its more big, open and calm.. Not so much based on the details but more on actual “song” writing.. Its way more emotional and less ravey.. More afternoon than night.. I dont know where I go from here.. Lets see..

How do you come up with new ideas for your music – do you have something in mind before you start a track, or is it something that happens naturally?
Sometimes you have an idea, but mostly it changes after some days.. Most of my tracks I start.. Work them 70%.. Hate it… Pick it up after some months.. Hear the qualities and mistakes and remake it.. Some are remaked 3-4 times.. Only a few is written in one go.. Some tracks of my latest album has been more than a year in the process.. Some have been written in 1 month.. I normally work on various tracks at the time.. Therefore I like to make albums instead of eps..

Is there something that you dislike about your own music? Somewhere you would like to improve in the future?
For sure.. In trance its hard to create something unique every time.. For me its hard to make good sounding basslines for example.,. Therefore I sometimes reuse the same bass sounds to be able to make a track.. In the future I will try to have more varied bass sounds.. I learn a lot of that from my highly talented friend and fellow producer Phaxe..

What is your dream project?
Well, I wanna play Boom Main stage.. Dont we all??

What music (not your own) do you most identify with at the moment?
I dont know if there is anything particular I identify with right now, but I can sum up my favourite acts.. I might forget a few.. In trance its: Ticon, Atmos, Jaia, Sphongle, Eat Static, Talpa, Phaxe… I also like a lot of Techno.. I dont know all the names since I dont dj, but Kollektiv Turmstrasse is for sure epic.. I like breakbeats as well, and also atmospheric pop music.. Florence And The Machine, Kate Bush etc.. Danish act called Rumpistol everyone should check out.. He is AMAZING..

What’s your favorite piece of art (not necessarily music)?
Ahhh to hard… But ok. Kate Bush : Hounds of Love (1985) since it has followed my life since I was 9 years old and always sounds better that the last time you heard it..

Apart from music, do you have any other interests? How does a “normal” day in the life of Joakim look like?
Well yes of course.. I have my 2 kids Leif & Elly, most precious things in my life.. I swim almost everyday.. Health is very important to me.. I Looooove playing Petanque with my friends… I read books a lot..And I love to explore different cultures.. I actually live a quite calm and relaxed life…

Looking back you’ve played at some pretty spectacular places. Is there somewhere in particular that really brings a smile on your face?
Lots of ,.. Fusion is my favourite festival so my gigs there have been amazing.. Also Universo Parallelo 2007 was epic..But also smaller ones have been just as great.. The South African scene is truly beautiful and the Australian also.. My gigs there have been a life worth living… Once I played a 3 hour 40 min live set in an Indian reserve in California.. 3 hour 4 min is a preeeeety long live set.. Played everything I had almost… Was amazing.. They didn’t let me go… Thx for that one..

What can we expect from you in the near future after the album?
Hopefully a lot of gigs..:) Already have few lined up.. I didn’t really make anything since I finished the album some months ago.. I just had a few months break.. Also to think where to take it next time.. I will slowly start to build a new album soon.. Maybe it will be done in 2016… I also get TV work from time to other, which of course slows the process of the trance production.. In July I go on a small Canada tour and will bring my 7 year old son.. Looking forward a lot to this.. I asked him if he wanted to go on a normal vacation with a hotel, waterslides etc, but the answer was “I wanna go with you on tour dad” .. Melted my heart..:)

Looking further into the future – where do you see yourself 10 or 20 years from now?
Hmm, I am not sure I will be gigging the rest of my life, but I will always be making music for sure.. I have family also, and thats the most important thing to me… As long as I am happy… I really dont know.. Time will tell what happens.. The earth could be invaded by aliens, you never know..

And lastly a small Q&A:

Mac or PC?


Beer or Wine?


Festival or club?

Winter or summer?


Ableton or Cubase?

Neither, Studio One

City or countryside?


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star wars

TV or a book?


The new album can be purchased here:


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