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France: Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

The French Trance scene is living a real transformation and is going stronger than ever. Psytrance can be heard everywhere. The parties are being held outdoors, indoors and as the days get longer and the sun shines to its full …

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall …

So another year passed by and it surely flew, don’t you think? And what an exciting time, in France, full of emotions, new friendships, music and great parties as well as festivals. Should there be three words describing the sceneĀ : …

France, a new country of Psytrance

LABELSImportant Psytrance label from France:Hadra RecordsMore labels:OVNI RECORDS, MANDALA RECORDS…PARTIES & FESTIVALSImportant Party/Festival label from France:Hadra Trance FestivalDECO & ARTImportant Deco artist from France:Les LuciolesMORE PARTY INFOPreferred music styles inFrance:ProgressiveWEBSITESWebsite #1: THE AUTHORFacebook:Facebook Profile

Eating, sun and celebration

France a multi cultural country. She was also in the country and electronic music to emerge in the 90s. Filled with great artists, she managed to put that personal touch in the evolution of this musical psytrance … FRANCE was …

France Psychedelic World of Gaia

PARTIES & FESTIVALSImportant Party/Festival label from France:GaiaABOUT THE AUTHOR Name:Raf FenderCity:ParisHis/Her role in the Psytrance community:Dj Producer RemixerAuthors Email:raffender@hotmail.comthe author:Psy Prog Progressive Trance Facebook:Facebook Profile


i am not a long time in the scene, but i think The psyscene is not in best condition, but many parties are organised. While in Paris is mostly indoor parties, organiser in region do a lot of open air …

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