Unleash into the magical dance of FRANCE musical notes

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Up for a change ? France is bowling and it is time that we realize we can be the change we want to see in this world. This country is going through a real awakening whether it is in event organization, artistically or politically. At least one party if not more is being held every week in a natural and/or an unusual location… bars are being besieged creating a real « Before » culture. There have been parties organized by Gaia Concept, on Sunday, driving more than a thousand people. There are new festivals being created. Unfortunately, this year, will be Hadra’s last festival in the beautiful mountains of Lans En Vercors. There has been a femine touch blowing over the movement. More women organizing parties, artists name figuring often on the line up, being lives or DJ’s. Social causes are being defended and money collected to help out different humanitarian organisations. Artistically, some old comers are making a true come back, creating new labels, production studios and organizing parties. Dj’s are playing for three hours in a row and are getting ready to play for more. The « new school » with its new and fabulous energy is creating a new mainstream, sharing and respecting the old ideologies. Parties have been coordinated between the old and new school and had extremely strong and positive results. Bounderies outside the mouvement are being broken and the public is accepting the psytrance culture and making space for it to grow. Mixture of genders at parties is often heard. Electro, progressive, house, dark psytrance are often played in the same night. People from the « Free » mouvement are joining in. The population is getting tired of the politics that cannot hold up to their promises and in despise are letting the extreme right take advantage of the situation. The politics have tried to go against the entertainment workers and bring out a new regime for this particular statue, trying to make the hard situation of working in the entertainment field even harder. Anywhere, they could find a solution to the large economic hole has been taken into consideration. instead of finding new solutions, outside their boundaries and usual thoughts and patterns. In periods of crisis, there is an openness for a new vision offering changes and ideologies by the masses. This is also the time when the best artists are being discovered and a real creative movement can emerge. There are rumors that this is on the way… The worldwide manifestation for the legalisation of Marijuana has had some extremely positive feedback in France. This could be a pacifist solution to France’s economic burden and gang fighting. It is up to each one of us to take the responsibility to realize we are part of a whole and that we all need each other to make the switch as confortable as possible. That everyone ideas, opinion and thoughts have to be listened to. This is no time for ego, competition or domination, there is no better or worst, we are all in it together. They are just differences but those differences are actually advantages. They are what make us human. Ideas can come from the Music, the legalization of Marijuana, from the auto-sufficient villages… All ideas are good. We are artists of our destiny, of our life and to a greater degree of our community and civilization. It is up to us to decide how we want to design it and what legacy we want to give to the new generation and to the children. Our world is a beautiful place and we do need to take care of it.