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Benoit Hadra

Benoit Hadra

The most visited country in the world, France, this year also features Europe‘s cultural capital: Marseille. What is the place of Trance in the music industry? Trance is growing like mushrooms. Many Trance organisations have been created over the years but the old timers are still swinging as Mandala, Gaia Concept, World People and Hadra. The music that can be heard is mostly Psytrance, Progressive, FullOn, morning, dark, ambient, downtempo, dub, break beat.

The parties usually start at ten p.m and end at seven a.m. Price of small parties can start as low as five euros to twelve and the larger one will fetch a fee of twenty to twenty five euros. Pre-sales ticket can be bought on the Internet but also from big outlet stores like the Fnac, Carrefour, or specialised stores such as Techno Import (music store in Paris).
The major festivals are the World People‘s festival, the Freak festival and Hadra. In order to get the latest agenda on festivals or parties surf on Trance-Goa forum, Goabase and/or also the French part of the German Psychedelic traveller magazine where you can also get info on the French and international scene.

There has been many police interruptions of parties and cancellations during the last presidential administration. Usually, the prefecture issues a permit for the party or the festival. After the order has been delivered, the police decides the drug and alcohol reinforcement that will be needed in and outside the event. The Trance community has understood what is at stake in leaving a place spot free and adjusting the music volume at certain hours.

Florence Croizat aka Limpts

Florence Croizat aka Limpts


Florence Croizat aka Limpts

My favourite, typical French food is Tartiflette! Potatoes, lardon, onions, reblochon cheese, double cream and a bottle of Apremont (white wine from Savoy) – wine will definitely be the typical french drink! And as a digestive spirit you may never forget the Chartreuse, an herbal liqueur produced by Carthusian monks in the French alps since 1605, it’s also called the „Elixir of Long Life“ ! (Moderate consumption though)


BBF, Body & Mind, Opsygen, Tantka, Ozhom, Trance Mission, Morning Vibrations, Butterfly families, Apéro trance, Dream&Fly, Rythmes actuels, Transubtil, Cortical Systèmatics, Oreades, TranceFuzion, Oobe, Wisdom, Trancemission, Appylipsy, Trance projection, Epidemic Trance Corp, Auroboa, Atomes, Natural beat makerz, Psynap‘s Art concept, Mystic Chrysalide, Bamboodelik, Aqua Veda, Funky freaks family…


Talamasca, Tajmahal, UASCA,Highlight tribe, Hyperfrequencies, Digital talk, Total Eclipse, Deedrah, Absolom, Life-extension, Antidote, LunaRave, Aes Dana, Kick Bong, LovPact, D_RooT, Braindriver, Tikal, D-Sens, Secret vibes, Sysyphe, Shotu, Polaris, Toires, Ecosphere, C.S.X, MOX, Terraformers, Atyss, Otezuka….


Sydney, Miss Tick, Drenan, Cyrhill, Ilhem, Greg Mandala, Fred X, Kokmok, Ganesh, Métronohm, Rèm, Knu, Driss, Tilt, T2b, Vortex, Manu, Yamaga, Leptit, Brainwasher, Tekkinox, Atomik, Shikissen, Driss, Taho, Rèm, Wilfried Eklektic, TWC, Yoga,Ragdam, Ashram…..

Deco teams:

Trianglerie, Lucioles, Psylopatts, Psyritual déco, Pachamamart, Prganik Garden, Nikolapin, Mad Studio, Dragon Tribe, Cosmo vision, L‘oeil magique, Tof Substances, Rêves Ephémères, Art Manif, Anonymous Substances and Cropnambule…

Record labels:

Ultimae, Lunarmouth, Electrik Dream, Escape, Flying Agaric, Kronics Neurotype…


Psytrance Powers

Shops & more

Tickets, Cds, Sweats, Tee-Shirt
38000 Grenoble

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