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Geomagnetic is celebrating 11 years of incredible events and top shelf releases. The Geomagnetic distribution/label family comprises Ovnimoon (Goa/Psy/Progressive/Chill) founded in 2010 based in Chile as an independent sub-label of Goa Records, featured artists including Ovnimoon, Alchemix, Side Winder;

Goa Records (Progressive/Goa) well established label founded in 2006 based in California/USA, featured artists including 01N, TeTuna, Trinodia;

Digital Drugs (Dark/Night/Psychedelic) featured artists including Random, Tricossoma, Sun Tribe; Power House (Progressive/Techno/Electro) featured artists including Meller, El Santo (Ainur), Smoke Sign;

Bass Star Records (Chill/Ambient/Dubstep) formed in the summer of 2007, featured artists including Young, American Primitive, Voxel9, Sanathana;

Dubstep SF (Dubstep/Electro/DnB) featured artists including Arch, Rival/Venomous Dimensions, Municipal Youth, BoBiz/Intent2Sell, and Fresh Frequencies (Psytrance/Trance/Electro) featured artists including BioKinetix, Mind Storm, Frost Raven.

Additionally Geomagnetic also has sublabels: Sublabels as Morning Star (Fullon/Progressive) featured artists including Wizzy, Fusion (Wizzy Noise), Sulima, Micro Scan;

Darkstar (Dark/Night/Psychedelic) featured artists including Terraformers, Jaws Underground, David Shanti;

Geo-Israel (Fullon/Progressive) featured artists including Cortex, Twisted Reaction, Wizenevil, Raz and last not least Geo-Mexico (Fullon/Progressive) featured artists including Shake, Vaktun/20x, Quality Sound.

Moreover, internally, there are two new amazing projects. One, a new website that will automate and empower their music releasing system and two, a DJ/VJ A/V mixing app that their team is currently developing.

Zur Geomagnetic Records Familie zählen neben Labels wie Ovnimoon aus Chile (Ovnimoon, Alchemix), Goa Records aus den USA (01N, TeTuna), Digital Drugs (Tricossoma, Sun Tribe), Power House (Meller, El Santo (Ainur)), Bass Star Records (Young, American Primitive), Dubstep SF (Arch, Rival/Venomous Dimensions) und Fresh Frequencies (BioKinetix, Mind Storm) auch Sublabels wie Morning Star (Wizzy, Fusion (Wizzy Noise)), Darkstar (Terraformers, Jaws Underground), Geo-Israel (Cortex, Twisted Reaction) sowie Geo-Mexico (Shake, Vaktun/20x, Quality Sound).

Ferner laufen familienintern zwei Projekte: Eine Automatisierung des Musikveröffentlichens auf der Website sowie die Entwicklung einer DJ/VJ App.

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