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Well, how to describe Berlin to those who haven’t been there. There are certain imagines and expectations about this city. For Germany it is one of the most liberal and metropolitan places. Chances to avoid learning German while making a living there are highest in this city that is a welcoming home for so many people, artists and creative minds.

In the times of the Iron curtain young people and artist moved here to avoid military service and the city promised them more freedom of expression with cheap rents, affordable food and a creative openness which lacks in many other places. A city which always been more left then right, more punk then hip and as the in official motto says: Poor but sexy.

Changing times

But times are changing since the German parliament moved there again and turned the city into an ongoing construction site. Gentrification is on its full swing turning neighbourhoods into Schwabylon (Referring to an conservative area in southern Germany). But compared to prices in other European cities like Paris, London, Amsterdam or Barcelona life here is still a bargain. While Berlin is still a home for many artists and creative minds, clubs now face new struggles of people moving into trendy areas and then going to court cause of noise – facing many places to move or shut down. While spaces for creativity are in decline the spirit of rebellion is still in the air and so is the lust for dancing and going out.

From Techno to Psy

Especially for Techno Berlin is world famous and hyped although many of the doors are not very welcoming and show elitist behavior, which paradoxically attract more people who want to try their luck joining the hedonistic wave.
In this setting exists a psychedelic community, which balances between the struggles of this urban jungle. On a sunny day free parties in parks or under bridges could pop up out of nowhere spreading word to mouth, which can last for days. The biggest summer festivals are just a short ride by train or car outside the city and easily access able for travels which make this city a temporarily home during summer. Berlin is more on the wilder side of things, which also reflects in the spectrum of the music.

Berlin Psytrance Scene

While its home to some progressive labels like Iono nightmusic still seems to be the dominating force if it comes to Berlin lineups. Still there is a wide range of parties some of them became an institution like Frühlingszaubertraum and November Ritual while other party series disappear faster then they came. The Soundviecher crew is pretty active and solid over the years and doing things from a fresh and different angle. The infamous Kit Kat fetish club hosts Psyevents like Mystic Rose on a regular base and also the Odyssee Festival on New Years, by the same crew that does the Freqs of Nature, attracts people from abroad who come for this multi day event. The sold out Second Horizon Festival takes place in June just on the outskirts of the Schönefeld airport and is just a metro ride away from the city center. Some of Berlins secrets should be discovered and cant be told – they reveal themselves for those who come with an open mind and a pure heart. Everything is possible in this city – you’ll be surprised.
Daksinamurti & Manjula

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