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John Monkman has been producing tracks as HEMI-SYNC since 2003, in 2006 he released the track ‚Abused Radio‘ on Nano Records. For him, Glade Festival (UK) and Soulvision (Brazil) were two festivals where he felt the music and the people really connected.

Another milestone – his track „Living the Dream’ which was a hit at Universo Parallelo in 2008. A key to his sound/its roots comes from his immediate friends, those who have embarked on his wild journey! Swapping ideas, sharing music its all part of his sound. In terms of his production/music and technical side of things he works fast and is always trying to push the boat out.

He has learned much from FLIP-FLOP, this in turn allows HEMI-SYNC to be different and stand alone. A new track ‚HemiRythms‘ has just been released on Regan‘s Nano Records Compilation. He plans an EP with Avalon and a Brazil tour later this year.

He‘s just finished a remix of the track ‚Dial 8‘ for Earthling and Touch Tone. John produces a low BPM project under John Monkman. Moving between 117–125 BPM he advocates working in different genres – ‚important detours‘ he says that enhance his work.

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HEMI-SYNCs neuer Track auf Nano Records ‚HemiRythms‘ sowie ein Remix von ‚Dial 8‘ bei Earthling und Touch Tone sind raus, EP mit Avalon und Brasilien Tour sind geplant.

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