HEMP FIVE is back again and is initiating the legalize revolution. Even though DHV boss Georg Wurth says in our interview that he does not expect it in less than 7-13 years in Germany, we still want to prepare you for day x. After all it is not just in your country that something has to be done but worldwide as our legalization map is showing distinctly.

Starting with the first HEMP FIVE edition at the end of last year from now on there will be 4 editions annually which will abduct you with the five HEMP FIVE freaks into the world of indicas and sativas.

For this, by the way, we are looking for travel companions. If you are communicative, know your way around in the hemp scene and can write (German/English) then simply contact us at info@hemp-five.de. We are looking forward to meeting you.

All the best

from your HEMP FIVE CREW

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