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Scödy’s first open air was the Shiva Moon in 1995. Severely inspired there he immediately began to paint pictures and craft small figures.

After a break he re-started in 2001 and promptly organizers liked his stuff. A further impetus were Ulli and Dirk (Funplastica), to which he became attentive in the mushroom magazine. His style developed fast, now for nearly 16 years.

Yet, he is self-taught, one day sought a piece of wood, covered it with white fabric, snapped the geodesic triangle and started with mandalas.

Then he got to know his mentor Schlachter (MagicSign) and slid right into the scene with string art, objects and backdrops. With him, Scödy has arranged the northern sounds, decorated the A-24 parties a lot as well as the TraumRaum (Elmshorn).
In 2002 Klangkontakt was established in Kiel, which later Mr Jeans & Mr Tree joined.

Currently Scödy is working on a completely new set, Green Spirit which was already visible on the Stubnitz during the Parvati mushroom tour Party in April. At the same time he focuses more on Mandala and wants to expand that.
In principle, Scödy is very satisfied with his development, even if he would like to have more international gigs. But good thing wants to have a thrashing, though decoration is his great passion, he is also a craftsman. Not to think of what can pop up, should he invest more time in his art.


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