Artists about the scene: In which direction will Psytrance evolve?

We asked Oli Wisdom from Space Tribe, Tristan, Anthony Silfors from S>Range and Guy Youngman from Aerospace:
Over the past years the scene has witnessed many changes, in which direction do you think the scene is headed? Anything you would like to change about it?

psytrance evolve - Oli-Wisdom

Oli Wisdom (Space Tribe)

“The scene has changed mostly in the fact that it has grown so big. It‘s truly a global family now & the last true underground culture left. Even though it has become so big it has stayed true to its psychedelic roots. It‘s fantastic to see so many people dancing on this planet. The music has also evolved along with the technology used to make is becoming more refined whilst retaining its original intent. The future? Viva la Evolution!!!”

psytrance evolve - Tristan


„The psychedelic trance scene seems to go from strength to strength and as the world descends into more and more chaos I wonder if that‘s a coincidence? Are people switching on around the planet and looking for an antidote or alternative to the consumer capitalist system? Can the psychedelic trance scene offer that alternative? It‘s certainly an underground subculture that is separate and different to the mainstream. It can provide people with the tools to think for themselves, think outside the box, and expand their consciousness…“

psytrance evolve Guy-Youngman-Aerospace

Guy Youngman (Aerospace)

“I think the scene will continue to grow in the next years and to diversify even more than it is today, into more and more sub genres… and I think at some stage it will split into 2 types of trance scenes – the original hippy psychedelic scene and a more hi tech non hippy music lovers scene… maybe it‘s good, maybe it‘s bad, I don‘t know, but this is the way it looks to me, and it‘s happening already… but as long as the music is good and trancy there‘s a place for everything.”

psytrance evolve Anthony-Sillfors-SRange

Anthony Silfors (S>Range)

“20 years into this trip its amazing to see the Goa Psytrance scene still blazing on like an eternal flame. Back in 1997 TIP Records had their „Black“ album on TOP 10 in Swedish music stores, that showed the world it was a force to be reckoned with, now Earthcore, Ozora and Universo Paralello festivals are hotspots. Today we have such a diversity and broad talents of artists showcasing electronic music at its full potential, unleashing its psychedelic mind ever expanding outwards with no boundaries. We are in the past, present and future truly reaching the holistic renaissance of the body, mind, and spirit.”

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