Miss Verständnis


Corinna has been playing since 2000 already. Out of the initial experimentation phase with chillout, Psy and techno (vinyl), a preference for the early Fullon soon develops. But briefly she dealt with Prog.

Enjoy life to the fullest

For herself she has never really taken care of bookings, got preferences for Nano Records and Commercial Hippies, and by encountering the Polyeidos people in Dusseldorf, she has become more brave and dark since 2006: Psy, Twilight, Forest, Darkpsy depending on the course of the set, most preferably though Forest and Darkpsy.
Due to her diverse interests, such as yoga teacher qualification, riding, traveling and painting, she has not had time for her own productions but rather concentrates her energy on her DJane sets true to the motto: to enjoy life to the fullest.


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