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amir weiss

Amir Weiss: the Transformation Festivals Eye

Amir Weiss sets up a vision from festivals around the world..


Astrix New Album after 5 years

After more than 5 years Astrix just dropped his new album. Apparently the popular Psytrance veteran doesn‘t have to prove himself so much anymore…


Psytrance in Israel: Powerful, Crazy Vibe & True to the Source Psy-Experience

With a vibrant atmosphere like in no other place in the world, Israel psytrance scene offers you an intense and true to the source psy-experience. Israel’s ever-growing psytrance scene is very diverse- from outdoor to indoor, from progressive to full-on, […]

Psytrance scene in Israel

Psychedelic Trance is a big thing in Israel, very big! Sometimes it seems like everybody loves it. From Taxi drivers to soldiers, from 50-year-old ravers to kids too young to have an ID, everyone is listening to the once underground […]

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