Israel: Powerful, Crazy Vibe & True to the Source Psy-Experience

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With a vibrant atmosphere like in no other place in the world, Israel psytrance scene offers you an intense and true to the source psy-experience.

Israel’s ever-growing psytrance scene is very diverse- from outdoor to indoor, from progressive to full-on, Goa and dark, from underground to massive one day raves and psychedelic festivals – Israel has it all! The Israeli crowd is known for its endless energies, creating massive crazy vibe. Ask any DJ, they’ll all that there’s something total and very dedicated in the parties here. Not many people come from overseas to experience the Israeli scene, as it is not very accessible, but those who do, never forget the adventure.


Moksha Project is one of the most veteran productions in Israel, making parties from 1999, both underground and more organized. Moksha has a real tribe; diverse and dedicated following them for more than 15 years. They’re also in charge of the Indigo Festival and were part of S.U.N Gathering in Hungary for its first two years.

Unity Project is new, but at the moment is one of the leading party productions in Israel, bringing the top artists, both Israeli and from all over the world. Huge line ups & massive raves place Unity as the headliners of more commercial events in Israel.

Circle of Life is a smaller organisation run by Darwish & Cholo that stays true to the underground feel, with smaller quality events held far in the desert offering a very special tribal atmosphere. Darwish also runs his annual Desert Adventure dedicated to his late brother Itzik for 12 years in a row now and held every year in Itzik’s birthday. These are very special events that resemble nothing else in the world.

Groove Attack is another big and established party organisation that has few big outdoor events with huge line-ups spread across the year, like Neverland, Satya Festival and this year created a big TIP Festival.

Doof is the oldest party organisation in Israel, working since the mid 90s. For the last decade, they have been concentrating on the unique Doof festival that has been running for 12 years in a row, and has its own unique underground feel.

On top of these there are at least 2-3 small underground parties in a myriad of styles and atmospheres happening every weekend.

Israel scene enjoys some great art and deco artist as well. Meltdown Factory is making very special stages and designs in Israel and international festivals. There’s also Alon Deco, who’s doing big stages and deco.

For indoors parties there’s Klika of Happiness, bringing psytrance with excursions to other psychedelic genres to the urban surrounding, with a great line in Tel Aviv running every Monday. Com4Trance at the Com.fort club are also running a stable line for more than a decade. In Haifa you have Mingling Shmingling & Shleikes, and down south there’s the great Baraka Club and the veteran Forum Club, and there are great parties happening in Eilat on the Red Sea.

The diversity of Israeli psytrance parties and rave is also reflected in the parties’ hours and prices. Indoor parties go on from 11-12 o’clock to 5-6 am, while outdoors parties run from 12-2 am to noon and one-day raves run to 4-6 pm. Indoor parties cost around 80 shekels (about 20 dollars), 100-150 shekels (30-40 dollars) for outdoors parties, and up to 300 shekels (around 75 dollars) for raves.

Above all, Israel scene offers a musical journey, as some of the leading artist in the world are Israeli. Artists like Ace Ventura, Astrix, Captain Hook, LOUD, who blast dance-floors around the world on a weekly basis, started their careers in Israeli scene. Other Israeli artist like Astral Projection, Perfect Stranger, Sub6, U-Recken, Ritmo, Darwish, are also well-known around the world. Hommega Productions and Echoes Records are psytrance labels worth mentioning, releasing albums and tracks for some of the biggest names out there.

Israel has a lot to offer other than its vibrant psytrance scene, as it is full of history and amazing and diverse natural spots – mountains, beaches, deserts – it’s all there. There’s the historic cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth and Safed; Haifa, the relaxed mountain city surrounded by beaches, Beach town Eilat on the Red Sea, and of course nightlife capital, Tel Aviv.  And don’t miss the lowest place on Earth – The Dead Sea (if you’re lucky you can catch great parties there in the winter).

Text: DJ DARWISH  (Pardes Hana) Producer, Party Organizer and Owner of Guru Temple Psytrance music production school together with my partner DJ Cholo

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