With its warm weather and vast beautiful landscapes, South africa is an outdoor paradise with deep roots in psy culture that extend back to the early 90s. Born out of the new spirit of freedom and democracy that prevailed after the fall of apartheid , groups like Vortex and Alien Safari started throwing the first outdoor psychedelic gatherings and created a scene that continues to thrive to this day.

A lot has changed over the years , but the scene has continued to grow bigger and more popular year by year , with an event almost every weekend in the summer pulling in thousands of people. Around 80% of the events happen near to Cape Town , but Johannesburg , Durban and the Garden route are starting to catch up – which is a great thing for the psy-traveller wanting to experience more of this huge and diverse country.

With huge popularity of a scene, one has to trade intimacy, but this has lead to the formation of smaller niche events to cater for the needs of practically everybody , so you can expect parties with full-on night music, progressive , prog-on, dark psy,  full on psychedelic – you name it. Parties are of all sizes from more commercial big productions for the crowds to more underground parties for the true freaks too.

South Africa is a land of very diverse people who all share a love of the beautiful outdoors and it is reflected in the beautiful multi-faceted scene we have.

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