Follow the basic idea of trance

In 1998, Alex started as a DJ Mullekular, which rocked pretty well and made him want more, so he launched his live act Kularis in 2002.

In 2005, his debut album came out contemporary Hamburg Prog, which opened many doors on the German market to him. 2008 saw the next album’s release, opening up the international market, so starting 2007 he began to play in distant countries like Brazil or Australia. Musically Kularis is characterized by Prog Trance in all directions, rolling basslines, Hamburg Prog, broken stuff, electro influences and melodies. He wants to show facet richness and not always meet expectations.

He wants to remain true to his style, despite trends from Brazil or Israel, sometimes with real instruments and entertaining voice samples. The new album is scheduled for late 2018 at the earliest. Planned rather earlier, it has now been disrupted by various EPs, since there exists no total flow for an album yet.

Alex regrets that digital sales encourage commercialization. People listen / play 1-2 tracks per album, the rest usually does not register. However, he does not want to surf the whole trend towards chart orientation, because musical concepts get lost. For the future of Prog, he’d rather like a return to Trance than be exploited by the EDM market, just to follow more the basic idea of Trance again. Which is alright.


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