The number of mushrooms that contain psilocybin is round 200. It has been proven that all these kind of mushrooms are not addictive. However, they are still listed as a Schedule 1 drug. They don’t have severe side effects, but people who use them often could steadily build up a resistance to them. They became quite popular during the hippie movement. During that period, they became known as “magic mushrooms”. Research has shown that magic mushrooms can be used for helping addicts and treating those that are depressed and suffering from anxiety. A recent study has shown that magic mushrooms are safer that all other recreational drugs.

The Global Drug Survey revealed that those psychedelic mushrooms might be the safest recreational drugs that one can take. The drug habits of various people were studied and noted through a survey with about 120,000 participants from 50 different nations. The survey is performed by the Global Drug Survey, a research group that is based in London. The research group aims at spreading drug awareness and education all around the world.

Magic mushrooms can be grown at home or can be found in nature. They can be eaten whole or brewed in tea. When ingested, they give the user a characteristic high or hallucinogenic experience. The high from magic mushrooms can last for about 4 to 5 hours. The high can produce various side effects. How intense the side effects are, is dependent on the type of mushroom taken, the size of the mushroom and the quantity of mushroom taken.

According to the Global Drug Survey, just 0.2% of mushroom takers sought emergency medical treatment within the last one year due to the magic mushrooms. This is a small percentage compared to 1% for cocaine and LSD, 1.3% for alcohol, 1.2% for ecstasy and 0.6% for marijuana.

One reason why mushroom users face less danger than those taking other recreational drugs is that there is a shared experience that comes with taking mushrooms. Those that use mushrooms take less of them compared with those that use other recreational drugs. Those that take mushrooms also take them while being better prepared than those that take LSD and other recreational drugs. Recreational users see mushrooms as a way of self-reflection.In any case it is always better to have an understanding of what you are ingesting. This way, you will be safer and have fewer issues when using it. It is generally believed that those that use psychedelic substances like mushrooms are more careful than other recreational drug users. This is because psychedelic substances can be a “surprising” experience as much as the use of ecstatic substances.

The Global Drug survey shows another important fact: Almost 1/3 of the participants group,have tried also what is called microdosing(taking very low doses of the substance) magic mushrooms, and almost all of them reported that they had a positive experience.
The vast majority of people because they were in search of a “moderate psychedelic experience” and the “enhancement of environment and social interactions.”


The report also mentions that cannabis ran a close second as the least harmful drug. It is remarkable that this is a very important fact supporting the need for changes in the legal framework. Cannabis has beed demonised so much for many decades now, but now seems like the time has come for all those who like to enjoy their favorite type wheter it is a medical strain or just a recreational strawberry kush strain.

On the contrary, the same study shows that one of the riskiest drugs, is synthetic cannabis, sold as “spice” or “black mamba”, Synthetic Cannabis is an umbrella term for hundreds of chemical compounds that mimic the effects of THC, the active ingredient of cannabis, in the brain.
Magic mushrooms have always been used for their psychedelic effect long ago. In ancient times, mushrooms were taken to change one’s reality and perceptions. Various tribes in Algeria, Spain and other countries were known for taking magic mushrooms during spiritual ceremonies. The use of these fungi continued all through history in various civilizations.
In the 1960s, they were widely taken in the United States in an era where psychedelic or hallucinogenic drugs were quite popular. Today, they are consumed by young adults and teenagers to get the psychedelic and hallucinogenic effect that psilocybin consumption gives. It is often combined with the appropriate music.

Not all mushroom trips are perfect as there are some bad days. It is not advisable to mix mushrooms with alcohol. And when using mushrooms, they are better used when you are with friends. This way, you have less risk of disorientation, panic attacks and injury. The one dangerous thing about psychedelic mushrooms is that if you are not careful, you might mistake them with one of the poisonous ones. Over 100 psychedelic mushrooms have been discovered. They produce psilocybin which is a chemical that makes you high or trip whenever you ingest them. You have to be careful when going to buy them as some of them look like the poisonous mushrooms.

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