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What was the basic idea to start the ‘Remix Project’?

As my 3rd Album ‘Goddess Rules’, released on the Herzberg label, mainly consists of song-like tracks but I still wanted to be able to do my Electro live act at parties, I decided to remix the songs for the dance floor.

I also asked some friends and producers, to join this remix project. So finally there were 18 tracks (Dance & Alternative), which now are released on Crystallin and Geomagnetic Powerhouse.

What’s the difference between your ‘band’ and you ‘dance live act’?

I started Lava 303 in 1998, as a live act based on the Roland MC-303. During the last 10 years my productions have developed a lot. Nowadays my music has a wide range: From acoustic songs and Electro Pop to Psy Rock and Progressive Trance. >

Generally I like to play a mix of my music, which is perfect for making transitions from bands to DJs. For Festivals like Burg Herzberg some friends join to play as the Lava 303 Band. For the Party scene, I am playing a progressive Trance / Psyrock set, based on my main instrument, the Psychedelic E-Guitar!

Lava 303 is strongly associated with the Playground Project, which stands for original underground partys, always with a political touch…

The Playgound is mainly doing social projects with kids, juggling, music, and child spaces. But also we’ve always been a platform for ‘alternative’ Trance parties: To re-connect people, we did events in Ex-Yugoslavia.

The Gathering of the Tribes Festival combined party & politics. For the RMX Release Party we found a cool underground location in the middle of Frankfurt. Also we are supporting the Occupy Frankfurt Camp with music, juggling and doing events. So let’s dance for a change 🙂

Lava 303 – The Remix Project (Crystallin / Geomagnetic Powerhouse)
The alternative Electro groove of Lava 303 remixed: Catchy Progressive bounce by Meller or YuminanceS, a hypnotic, ever growing build-up by DJ Stefan Ludley, organic dance floor thrust by Kopfuss Resonator, the playful liveliness of Sonnenzyklus, a lively Electro Clash version by Steve Dragon, an escalating sound collage by Maximilian Wall… and many more dance & alternative tracks on 2 CDs.

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