One moment it’s deliciously acidic and deeply psychedelic, then it soars up into the heights of progressive playfulness:
“Tribalism” by Mindbenderz is one of the most versatile albums of the year so far.

They make a perfect match: Philip, well-known as Motion Drive, released his music on IONO – where he met label manager Matthias. They teamed up as Mindbenderz, creating a mesmerizing state of tension between the worlds of Psy and Progressive. Their debut album “Tribalism” is characterized by the use of ethnic vocals and instruments, giving it a very organic touch – yet it’s really tricky to pin the atmospheric variety down to a single genre. It is modern sound, powerful and brilliant as it can be. Its warm sound colours reflect a harmonic balance of digital and analogue studio technology. The dynamic composition of the tracks feels like a perfect mix between the long-year DJ experience of Matthias and the technical expertise of Philip. “Our goal was to show different facets rather than creating an album with 9 tracks that all sound the same” the duo sums up its collaboration. No doubt about it: They succeeded in doing so.


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